Four Industrial Products You Come Across More Often Than You Think

Hydraulic pumps

What do you know about industrial products and how they are often used in your everyday life, or to help create the buildings, desks, cars and more that you encounter on a daily basis? Here is our list of four industrial products you will probably come across more often than you think.

1. DESTACO Toggle Clamps

Did you know that the manual toggle clamp was first invented in 1936? Toggle clamps, such as Destaco toggle clamps, help to secure objects together and prevent separation from occurring, using pressure creating by the clamping system. What is the application? Toggle clamps are often used for machining applications.

2. Anti Vibration Mat

As the name implies, anti vibration mats helps to isolate vibrations above or below the mat. These are often used in industry because heavy machines vibrate so much that, without the mat, they often will abrasively erode the floors below them. Some people also use them for laundry machines in order to reduce the noise that comes from the machine, as well as the tendency for vibrating machines to move forward.

3. Caster Wheels

Did you know that the caster wheel was not invented until 1920? This type of wheel, which is a wheel mounted to a fork and swivel joint, is what allows grocery store carts, for example, to move in any direction without having to be reoriented. They also have applications in industry as well, being used with carts, tow lines, platform trucks and more.

4. Abrasive Belts

Did you ever have to sand anything down in shop class? You may have been making use of an abrasive belt. These belts are made of leather, cloth or paper that is coated with abrasive materials, and they are rotated to create a perpetual friction loop. The abrasive belt can be used to accomplish many tasks, including edge breaking or finishing, making it a frequent use tool for industrial applications.

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