Forklift Battery Washing the Top Three Reasons to Do It

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When warehouse efficiency so heavily depends on the condition of its forklift batteries, it’s imperative to keep these batteries as well-maintained and well-cared-for as possible. And if your warehouse’s personnel aren’t regularly washing each forklift battery about once a year as recommended, the effects of not doing so can have disastrous effects for these heavy-duty industrial batteries and for your warehouse as a whole.

But why is it important to wash a forklift battery? These are the top three reasons why forklift battery washing is never an option in the warehouse:

Washing forklift batteries ensures safety of warehouse personnel

Forklift batteries contain extremely harmful chemicals, acids and heavy metals. During everyday operation, the components of forklift batteries interact to generate an electric charge, and the result is hazardous substances like hydrogen gas and sulfuric acid leaking from the battery that can harm warehouse personnel. Regular washing of each forklift battery helps keep each battery free of these damaging substances and helps keep workers safer.

Washing a forklift battery improves its function

The substances that leak from a forklift battery during its daily functions, like sulfuric acid, inhibit the battery’s ability to hold a charge. By informing all warehouse personnel of the correct procedures for washing a forklift battery and for other forklift battery management requirements, each forklift battery will work better and longer, holding onto a charge as well as it did when it was new.

Regular forklift battery washing saves money

Each purchase of a forklift battery can cost your warehouse thousands of dollars; this makes them a major investment that should be protected. When your warehouse’s personnel know how to wash a forklift battery correctly, the terms of the battery’s warranty will be fulfilled, which is a vital part of making sure these investments are protected. In addition, the battery’s lifespan will be extended, meaning your warehouse will have to replace the batteries less frequently.

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