Five Ways Proposal Writing Software Will Help Your Small Business Succeed!

Government contract proposal software

Do you own a small business? Are you a government contractor or are you trying to become one? If so, you will undeniably need assistance in the complex world that is federal contracting.

In the United States there are approximately 26.5 million businesses. However, statistics show that 99.7% of businesses have less than 500 employees. And less than 5.5 million of these businesses in the United Sates have any employees at all.

Making Your Small Business Stand Out

Obviously, the statistics stated above mean small businesses have become the majority. What are you doing to stand apart from the herd? What can you do to get you small business noticed?

If you are interested in government contracting, you will need help. A lot goes into to bidding on government contracts. Government proposals can take a considerable amount of time and resources. Something a small business like yours does not have an endless supply of.

It is estimated that the cost of preparing a complex proposal valued in the tens of millions of dollars, one that encompasses a significant system or product design, will eventually wind up costing in the range of 1%-2% of the value of the contract. That is a significant amount of your potential earnings.

Pricing Software

Pricing software can give you much needed help. What are some things that pricing software can do for you?

  1. Seamlessly receive contractor cost proposal data.
  2. Review rates and perform cost data analysis.
  3. Create most probable cost and negotiation positions.
  4. Perform sophisticated project ?what-if? analysis.
  5. Prepare all-encompassing or custom briefing reports, therefore eliminating the need for complex spreadsheets. Templates provide cost proposal analysis in minutes, rather than hours.


Which Pricing Software Is Right For You?

Proposal management software can aid you in efficiently creating and managing accurate cost proposals. This is absolutely crucial assistance when you are working in the world of government contracting.

In summation, if you want your small business to be distinguished from all of the others, you will need help. Pricing software can give you the much needed assistance that you require for federal contracting proposals. Pricing Software can save you time, money, and precious resources.

Why not get yours today?

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