Finding a Job in Robotics with a Recruiter

Flexible packaging

Executive search firms work in just about every industry. There are some industries that you might not expect to use these services need to because they are growing so rapidly. Flexible packaging is one such industry. Flexible packaging recruiters are crucial because the industry employs more than 79,000 people in the United States making it the second largest packing segment in the nation. It takes in about 18% of a market that is worth more than $145 billion. Another industry experiencing rapid growth is robotics.

During the first six months of 2015, at least 14, 232 robots were ordered from North America. These were worth about $840 million. The field of robotics is helping companies streamline their business practices to improve competitiveness and respond better to their customers? needs. This, in turn increases their profit margins. To that end they need robotics recruiters to help fill staffing needs ranging from sales staff to robotics programmers and engineers. They need staff in all areas of their businesses from business development to executive level management. They turn to companies that specialize in executive search services to fill those positions.

In other words, if you are interested in working in the field of robotics, you do not have to be an engineer to do it. You can do what you do best, only with a robotics firm. If you are going to work with a executive search firm, there are some things you should know

  1. The executive search firm does not work for you. The fees paid to these agencies would come from the robotics company that is hiring. The amount of the fee is often about 30% of the first year?s salary of the position being filled. Do not expect them to jump every time you call. In fact, they probably will not call you unless your resume is very attractive to them and they have a position they would like to submit you for. It?s not personal, but their job is to satisfy their client, not you.
  2. Do not bail on any job interviews they set up. If they approach you with a position that you know you do not want, let them know when they call the first time. If you do not and they set up an interview or call with a company and you are no-show, you make them look bad and you destroy your relationship with the recruiter. If you want the recruiting company to help you, you cannot do this.
  3. Check out both firms who specialize and those who do not. You may think your best bet is to stick to search firms that only deal with your job function and/or your industry. While you should absolutely reach out to these firms, you overlook firms that are more generalists than specialists at your own peril. These firms usually cover a wide array of functions and may have a practice area in your industry.
  4. Remember, most firms are national so ignore their address. If you want to work in Miami, do not limit yourself to search firms located in Miami. These are national firms.

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