Everything You Need to Know about Warehousing and Distribution

Entering into an office lease agreement

Warehousing and distribution is a big business throughout the United States for businesses large and small. In the last 16 years alone, the total amount of distribution and warehouse space has increased by nearly ninety percent. The industry currently employs over 166,00 men and women in the United States. E-commerce is growing at an average rate of ten percent each year and is expected to continue growing.

There are a wide range of reason a business may look into warehousing and distribution options. For many, it is due to the current or expected growth of their business. While small boutique retailers can survive doing things in house, large sellers need professional distribution and warehouses that are able to handle the quantity while maintaining a clean, dry, secure, and organized facility.

Finding industrial warehouse space to rent may seem challenging, but it is much easier than you may expect. The key to a successful search is knowing exactly what you need in advance. In terms of leasing a warehouse, this means you need to know exactly how much space you are going to need currently as well as potential.

You will also need to know the schedule and quantity for shipments arriving the leaving the facility. There are distribution and warehousing services of all kinds, and you need to choose the one that is equipped to handle your specific needs as a business.

Some may ask why they would spend the money on renting warehouse space when they can just buy a warehouse. Running an efficient and successful warehouse operation is a business in and of itself. Being well versed in the retail industry does not directly translate to the warehousing and distribution industry.

While it may seem like a significant expense, it will save time, money, and frustration moving forward and growing your business to utilize the resources and expertise of an experienced warehouse and distribution company.

You may have heard the saying, there is no substitute for experience, and that directly applies to this situation. In addition to gaining the expertise of distribution services, you will also be getting the benefits of manufacturing warehouse space without the hassle of property ownership, which involves everything from utilities and maintenance to warehouse crews and insurance.

Commercial leases may seem complicated particularly if you are in need of both warehouse space and distribution services. If you are not well-versed in reading and understanding contracts, it may be advisable to have your company lawyer review the documents before you enter into such an agreement to ensure it is beneficial for all those involved.

Before choosing a company and coming to an agreement, it is also recommended to visit the facility where your products will be located and taking a tour. This will give you the opportunity to see the operation and how it works on a day-to-day basis. You can observe the condition of the facility and how the products being moved are treated.

Taking a tour of the facility will also give you the opportunity to really explore any questions you have. It may also inspire addition questions you had not thought of before. Choosing a warehouse and distribution service is a big step for any business, and one that should not be taken lightly. Take the time to explore your options, evaluate what you really need and make a solid educated decision.

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