Don’t Risk Illness! Get Your Tap Water Inspected Today

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When’s the last time you checked your water’s cleanliness? While it can be easy to flit through day-to-day life and take the water we use for granted, small issues can crop up without our noticing and cause a big problem down the road! Water is used for everything, from cooking to cleaning to drinking, and the flip-side is that contaminated water can cause a variety of health issues very quickly if not properly checked. In home water purification systems and the best water softeners are affordable devices that are used to clear out your drains, filter your faucets and provide you and your family with the best water possible. Read below on the dangers of impure water in America, simple health tips you should know and how you can use your very own water treatment process!

Did You Know?

The average person’s body is composed of about 60% water and a common doctor’s recommendation for a healthy immune system, clear skin and properly functioning digestive system is six to eight glasses of water per day! It’s estimated Americans use 345,000 million gallons of fresh water every day, with the majority of the population getting their tap water from public water systems. Some older water pipes still contain lead, thanks to poor regulations a few decades back, and its poisonous nature can cause kidney failure and disabilities. This follows as to why a water treatment process is so important, from keeping vulnerable portions of the population safe to just exercising plain common sense!

What About My Drinking Water?

To reiterate, doctors recommend six to eight glasses of water a day to keep you healthy and fit. Think of your body like a machine and water the proverbial oil! While you can get a good amount of water from foods, particularly fruits and vegetables, you still need to drink multiple glasses of pure water to replace the moisture you lose every day by sweating and exercising. If you notice you’re feeling thirsty, that’s your body telling you you’ve already lost 1% of your total body’s water weight. Many cities’ tap water also contains fluoride, a simple salt compound that helps keep your teeth clean even as you hydrate! Not all tap water is created the same, however…

Why Create Clean Water?

There are over 2,100 known drinking water contaminants present in tap water in any given region. While our bodies are capable of filtering out harmful agents, it can only do so much work! Drinking impure and contaminated water is the leading cause of disease in many developing countries, creating everything from degraded mental and physical health development in children as well as lowered immune systems and nerve damage in adults. Pregnant women have a particularly high obligation to drink pure water, as contaminants such as lead can cause complications in the womb. A recent study by the EPA found as many as 400,000 new learning disorders in children every year due to unclean water. What can you do about these very real possibilities?

What Water Treatment Process Can I Do?

You’ll be happy to know clean water is right at your very fingertips. The average water treatment process can be cultivated by either calling a water treatment professional or going to the store and buying your own water filtration systems. Filters can be attached to your sink to filter out the majority of contaminants and small strips can be dipped into your water monthly to detect potential chemicals. Hard water is easy to detect, as it leaves a noticeable white or grey scum in your tubs or showers, and can be easily removed with a hard water softener. Last, but not least, a point-of-use filtration system installed into your home goes straight to the source and can eliminate these issues consistently. Now that you know more about clean water safety, what will you buy next time you drop by the store?

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