Don’t Know Your Machine Tools? Here’s a Quick Guide for Manufacturers

Tool setter

One of the challenges that manufacturers face is that they know what products they want to create, but they aren’t always sure how to achieve the mass production they require. As a result, some manufacturers may order the wrong machine tool parts if they don’t quite know what they’re getting. When it comes to using automated computer numerical control or CNC machine tools, the choices can be overwhelming.

The best way to know what you can do for your factory is to thoroughly research the parts you need in order to make fast and accurate productions possible. If you don’t know presetters from end mill holders, here’s a simple guide to explain some of the common terms you may encounter:

In order to get machine tools to work properly, they often require presetters to determine the path of a cutting tool. Most machine tools today operate by computer and through automated processes, so the presetter is an essential part of any factory or workshop. CNC presetters not only determine the settings needed for a particular project, but they also save settings for previous jobs to make it easy to create more.

Tap Adapters
When a manufacturer needs threading on a screw, pipe, or other object, they use a tap adapter. This name refers to the tapping process, which is used to create threading on metal objects. Tap adapters vary in shape and size and can create threads in different sizes, angles, thickness, and other specifications.

Tool Holders
Tool holders are similar to the chucks that you would see for a drill bit, only they are generally larger and made for high-speed CNC machines. End mill holders and ER collets are a couple of examples of common tool holders. Where end mill holders are used primarily as milling machine tool holders, ER collets are the most widely used tool holders in most machine tooling applications. The type of holder used is typically determined by its strength and the speed and velocity that it can handle.

Have more questions about machine tool parts? Be sure to contact a manufacturer. You can also leave a comment below for more clarification.

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