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Phone answering services definitely aren’t what they used to be. But you’d be hard pressed to find one that isn’t superior to Bell Telephone. Just kidding, of course, because today’s cutting-edge phone answering services are nothing like those ancient times where office telephones were answered by secretaries glued to their desk chairs from nine to five.

Actually, traditional secretaries and phone answering services are becoming obsolete. While this doesn’t mean that they are not still used, because the majority of offices still employ receptionist to answer phones, make appointments, and greet clients. However, the proliferation of the internet has rendered traditional phones, receptionists, and even brick and mortar offices obsolete, because there simply is no use for them anymore.

Well, not exactly. This is far from the truth for the majority of businesses, but the advent of the internet and mobile communications has made all of the above unnecessary for mobile professionals who want to be free from the constraints of the typical office environment. Now it’s possible to run a business out of your car, because all you really need is your laptop or tablet, smartphone, and a list of clients.

While every business owner will continue to need the help of a receptionist and a brick and mortar office from time to time, they can always rent office space or utilize a virtual receptionist service. Really all you have to do is look up on the internet is “virtual secretary services” or “virtual receptionists” and you will find the perfect solution for all of your virtual office coverage needs.

I don’t know about you, but if I owned a business and could get away without paying for an office lease and a flesh and blood staff of office workers, I would do exactly that. After all, isn’t running a successful business as much about cutting costs and maximizing efficiency as making as much money as possible? Well, of course it is! So why not do exactly that by cutting loose tradition and grabbing yourself some virtual help? There really is nothing to lose and lots and lots of money to gain! Get more info here:

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