Designing a Compelling and Trendy Exterior

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Want to draw the crowds in? A staggering number of business owners make the same mistake: devoting all of their time to interior design and too little time to creating compelling exteriors. Creating a striking exterior design is just as important. Attract customers with the hottest exterior design trends of 2014:

Bold Color Schemes

“In a world of master-planned, one-size-fits-all architectural schemes, exterior color can serve as a structure’s defining feature, bringing character and life to an otherwise blank canvas. The trend toward more varied exterior colors has become increasingly prevalent in the residential space. And commercial buildings, in an effort to stand out from the competition and be more appealing to customers, are quickly following suit, moving from monochromatic and white palettes to a rainbow of color infusion,” paint experts Dunn-Edwards writes. Dunn-Edwards adds that bold color schemes range from “deep burnt-orange and yellows with deep, eucalyptus greens” and “reds, golds and yellows” to “darker tones like coffee and sage greens.”

Mixed Textures

Designers are combining materials to create more visually compelling homes. “Mixed materials on the same wall are becoming standard, namely on the front exposure of a home. This trend is a result of the recent move to design a home’s exterior to complement its natural surroundings. Combining siding with small accents of vinyl stone or brick instantly lends a more custom, high-end feel,” the Power Home Remodeling Group reports. Business owners can easily apply the same principles to restaurant or store exteriors. Mix smooth and textured materials for an intriguing facade.

It’s All in the Details

Contrast bold color schemes and textured exteriors with more traditional details. Complete the look with antique lamp posts and decorative street clocks. Vintage outdoor lighting fixtures look great next to deep red, brown, or brick exteriors. Pedestal clocks tone down burnt yellows.

Draw in consumers by the droves with visually compelling exteriors. Keep exteriors engaging with bold color schemes, a combination of textures (such as wood and brick), and traditional finishing details, like antique lamp posts. See this reference for more: Check out this site for more.

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