Custom Printed Coffee Packaging is an Effective Marketing Tool for Your Brand and Business

Choosing the right packaging solution for your brand of tea or coffee is important for your business — not just for keeping your products fresh but also as an effective marketing tool that can be used to maximize your brand exposure. And there is no better way to do that than with custom printed coffee bags.

Packaging for coffee shops, whether small or big, needs to stand out with an eye-catching and functional design. This is in addition to quality materials and helpful features for increased product consumption satisfaction.

Coffee, in particular, is a favorite beverage for many people and to some, it’s more of a lifestyle. As a roaster, you need to add that visual element to your packaging solution — which adds nothing really to the roasted beans packed, but attract consumers and influence them to make a purchase.

Custom printed coffee bags play an important role in carrying your critical coffee information such as its origin, producer, roaster, roast date, tasting notes, as well as your business mission, vision statement, cause-related and sustainability practices that make your line of coffee unique from others.

While there’s a lot of information that can go on your packaging, it’s advisable not to overwhelm consumers with too many details. Otherwise, you will just be distracting them with information that may not be necessary to make an informed purchase decision. On the other hand, if you leave out key information the buyer is looking for, then you might as well say goodbye to a potential buyer.

Nearly 52% of online consumers say that they would return to a business for another purchase if they receive their products in premium packaging. Another 85% of shoppers said their purchase decisions are informed by reading a product package while shopping. So what you convey of the package really matters and these go to show just how ‘powerful’ impact branding has on customer perception.

Perhaps all you need is to change your brand’s name to make an impact, especially when pushing a product that has been in the market for long. Other roasters opt for premium custom printed coffee bags designed with helpful features like zipper seals, though it comes at a cost. This may not be feasible for small and new businesses that are often limited when it comes to design options.

For less expensive custom printed coffee bags and pouches, you can choose plain bags with printed sticker labels that bear all the product and business information. All you have to focus on is designing the sticker with the right content from colors to product information, as well as using eye-catching graphics.

The big question remains how to come up with a packaging that is right for your business — not too much nor too shallow. How do you package your values into brief and clear digestible content for the consumer? And in an appealing way? Designing a perfect coffee packaging, however, shouldn’t be a rocket science affair. With the right team, you can create custom printed coffee bags and resealable pouches to preserve the integrity of your coffee and promote your brand amid huge competition among roasters and manufacturers.

Among the most branded products are coffee and tea. Today, these products are presented in excellent packaging design with a variety of motifs to different seasons and personalities. Originally, coffee and tea packaging mainly revolved around exotic images but the shift in ideas saw companies even including their production plants or their personal quirks.

When designing your coffee packaging, one thing to keep in mind is transparency. This is an integral part of creating captivating packaging that influences consumers to purchase. Your design should revolve around quality, but the quality kind of quality delivered to a potential customer in a more accessible way.

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