Clutter Is Bad For You Why It’s Time To Start Organizing Your Living Space This Year

What does it mean to you to have your own personal space?

This definition changes notably depending on the person, because we all have a different relationship with our garage, porch and patio. For some it’s a way to kick back and forget about their worries, somewhere they can be themselves for just a few hours before getting back to the grind. For others it’s how they stay organized and focused, with enough space to move their furniture or supplies around in a way that’s meaningful. When you start looking into portable buildings for your employees or an enclosed porch where you can paint in peace, there’s only way to get the job done right.

What can a shed builder or enclosed porch designer do to give your space a makeover?

Did You Know?

Just where do most Americans land on the space scale? Studies have shown Americans store a collective two and a half billion square feet of stuff, whether it’s an extra garage for their new car or a basement filled with old furniture. That’s the equivalent to 78 square miles. Just how big is that? That’s three times the size of Manhattan. An additional survey provided by the Wall Street Journal revealed nearly 75% believe parking is the most important function of a garage, with storage following close behind. What can storage sheds or an enclosed porch do to make sense of your busy life?

Embrace Your Hobbies

Let’s say you have a hobby that could use a little more wiggle room to thrive…literally! Investing in a shed or enclosed porch can help immensely with creating a space that encourages your hobby to grow. A major issue many have with learning how to oil paint or practice yoga is they don’t have a space they can call their own, leading to frustration and an increased possibility of quitting prematurely. A recent study found nearly 30% of people using their garage for hobbies, with around 25% also stating they use their garage to work on custom car kits.

Reduce Frustrating Clutter

What’s another benefit to embracing space? Reduce clutter that does nothing but wear down on your mental health. Clutter has been found to increase rates of restlessness, exhaustion and anxiety, all of which make productivity a lot harder than it needs to be. The average American household has over 300,000 things inside, with an average of 21 square feet of self storage space, which should tell you something about the state of clutter today. Investing in an enclosed porch will not just help you embrace your hobbies, it’ll make sense of your day-to-day life.

Utilize More Space

This can seem a little obvious, but really think about it…how much more would you be able to keep, or repair, if you had extra space? Many find themselves getting rid of their second car or furniture they want to keep because they just don’t have any place to keep it. One out of four Americans today put extra things in their garage because they can’t fit their car inside, which is only scratching the surface of cramped spaces and the negative impact they have on our lives. When you consider a homeowning project this year, choose one that will have nothing but benefits down the road.

Tips For Creating More Space In Your Life

Americans today are appreciating the benefits of free space more than ever. Back in 2014 the federal government provided estimates that 25% of Americans with two-car garages don’t actually use them for cars. With the number of personal items growing with each new move and new hobbies entering your life demanding attention, it’s time to invest in yourself by investing in an enclosed porch or pole barn. You’ll find your mental health improving, your hobby flourishing and, best of all, items you need actually being able to stick around in the long term.

Give yourself some breathing room. See how a garden shed or screened in porch can change the way you look at things.

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