Buy Used Storage Containers to Create a Portable Office

Climate controlled storage containers

When you buy used storage containers to be turned into mobile office space, you are doing something good for your business and the environment.

Every recycled shipping container allows more than 7500lbs of steel to be reused. It also reduces the number of traditional building supplies that must be produced and purchased, such as wood, bricks, and mortar. When your company makes the decision to buy used storage containers to create portable office space, it becomes an environmental initiative. It will give you the space you need and also provide positive promotional material for your business.


If you have been hesitant to buy used storage containers to use as office space, it is time to reconsider. Some shipping containers are bigger than entire offices, as much as 1,300 feet in length. That?s equal to the distance of an Olympic track. The maximum width of a storage container is 180 feet, more than enough room to create a spacious portable office space.

Long-Term Solution

Individuals and companies who buy used storage containers can feel confident in the long-term validity of their investment. According to Container Auction, shipping containers can last for two decades with proper maintenance. This means that in addition to being a great solution for increased space needs, cost efficient, and being beneficial to the environment the investment will have more than enough time to pay for itself.

Storage Container Modifications

When you buy used storage containers you are not limited to an empty shell that must then be used as is. Climate controlled containers are essential to creating a workspace that will be functional and comfortable. This is one of the most popular storage container modifications requested. Cargo container modifications are as expansive as those available in virtually any other business space. You can choose the flooring, walls, colors, and materials to create your custom space.

When the time comes to increase your primary office space, it is important to know there are many nontraditional options available to business owners. It is no longer necessary to move to entirely new headquarters or look for an affordable space to rent. If you have a location to place a new structure, it can make a lot of sense to buy a used storage container and have it customized to suit your specific needs.

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