Bolts and Screws Tools in the Toolbox

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In Stephen King’s seminal work “On Writing,” he talks about the toolbox of his Uncle. His Uncle had a toolbox, which he showed young Stephen King, as they were preparing to start a wood project. He showed Stephen the hammer and the screwdriver, the nails and the screws, the pliers and the nuts and bolts.

Stephen King compared the toolbox to writing. There are adverbs, there are adjectives. There are nouns, there are verbs. There is the passive voice, there is the active voice. There are gerunds and there are participles. There are tools that writers use to create works, whether they are stories or memos or memoirs.

A toolbox is designed to give a builder the option of building a work, whether that is a wooden chair or a novel, with different tools that do different things. A work is built using different tools for different functions, which helps create the finished work. The toolbox is there to help the craft and facilitate the building process.

A general toolbox has all the tools mentioned in the first paragraph and many more. Building a wood structure for instance might require nails and a hammer, screws and a screwdriver, bolts, pliers, saws, drills, and more. A toolbox has many of the tools needed to perform the functions needed to build the wood structure.

There are many different aspects of a toolbox and the tools within it. One of those options when it comes to building a work is the screw.

The screw as an object is used to hold different parts of an object together. They are used in wooden structures, where two pieces of wood need to be held together. They can bind pieces of metal to pieces of wood, or pieces of metal to pieces of metal. They are useful in binding together different objects.

Screws are inherently useful as they connect to objects together with a circular motion. The circular motion helps the screws bind together the different parts more securely and tighter than a nail would, as a nail goes straight in without any turning motion. The screw grasps more of the material and is harder to pull out than a nail.

This makes it more secure than a nail.

There are statistics about screws that are worth noting in this article.

  • The concept of the screw dates back to around 200 B.C.
  • The U.S. screw, nut, and bolt industry employs 131,949 people.
  • The revenue of screw, nut, and bolt manufacturing in the U.S. reached $30 billion in 2017.
  • Early screws had to be handmade, so no two were ever alike. In 1928, the National Screw Thread Commission established a standard for screw threads for interchangeability.

Screws and fasteners have been around for millennia in many cases, as people who initially built structures needed things to attach the different parts of the structures together. There are some statistics and facts surrounding different screws and fasteners that are worth noting in this article. They are in the following section.

  • Hi-lo screws have a reduced minor diameter and therefore displace less plastic material and minimize stress. These screws have a double lead high and low thread with the high thread having a 30 degree thread form that further minimizes material displacement while providing positive thread engagement.
  • SEMS screws combine two separate parts into one pre-assembled, low cost fastener. With washers under the head, SEMS screws are fast, permanent, and easily adaptable to many applications.
  • There are 2 main types of thread lockers currently available: inert thread lockers and reactive thread lockers. Also known as prevailing torque, inert thread locking creates a secure fastening lock, which is resistant to vibration and shock related slippage.

There are many terms associated with screws that are worth noting in this article. Some of them are undersized screws, tiny screws, small screws, miniature screws, micro screws, custom screw, custom screw options, custom screws, custom set screws and more. And there are bolts as well.

Custom shoulder bolts are tools that are used in the process of building objects. Custom shoulder bolts are seen as a somewhat similar to a screw in that they are “screwed” in place. Custom shoulder bolts are used to attach heavier objects together than a standard screw. Custom shoulder bolts come in different materials and different widths.

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