Are You Looking for a Way to Drive More Traffic to Your Company Website?

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Blogs. Posts. Tweets.
Terms that may have had virtually no meaning 20 years ago are now an integral part of most social media marketing strategies. In a time when potential clients and consumers are on their cell phone, laptops, or tablets nearly every waking minute, it should come as no surprise that social media marketing depends on a somewhat constant series of blogs about aspects of a business, posts about new products and services, and tweets and retweets in an attempt to gain a large number of following. We only have to look as far back as the November 8 election, in fact, to understand the impact and power of a well timed tweet, no matter its its truth or validity.
Today’s social media marketing strategies say a good deal about the direction of the business world. Companies that wisely use the latest social media marketing strategies, in fact, are capturing a high percentage of the internet traffic.

  • Search engine optimization dictates most of today’s marketing and advertising budgets.
  • Organic search leads have a successful 14.6% close rate. Outbound marketing leads, on the other hand, have a 1.7% close rate.
  • Content marketing that covers organic content costs 62% less than traditional marketing, while at the same time generating nearly three times as many leads.
  • Internet searches drive the majority of all purchases that are made today. In fact, 86% of consumers indicate that using a search engine allows them to learn something new or important that eventually helps them increase their knowledge about a desired product or service.
  • An estimated 75% of search engine users do not take the time to scroll past the first page of search results. for this reason, it is essential that you use the latest social media marketing skills to make sure that you land at the top of those lists.
  • Links that users click on are 70% organic, not paid.

  • Mobile internet usage surpassed desktop internet usage in June of 2014, according to comScore. As a result, websites must be able to have formats that easily adapt between smaller mobile screens and larger desktop screens.
  • Estimates indicate that 92% of marketers believe content creation is either ?very? or ?somewhat? effective for search engine optimization.
  • Dedicating efforts to blogging is a good decision on today’s digital marketing world. In fact, some research indicates that blogs give websites 434% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links.
  • Initial website impressions count. Make yours great!
  • A decision to automate your business posts can help you reach your potential internet customers at the times of the day when they are most often online. By examining web traffic you can determine when you are most likely to reach your customers.

  • Mobile search spending is expected to reach $28.41 billion by the year 2018. This amount represents 85.9% of the entire U.S. digital search advertising market.
  • An internet search helps many people research future purchases of both products and services. In fact, 57% of the purchasing process is either researched or processed online customers ever consider talking to talking to sales.
  • Reading online is a normal part of most consumer’s day. For this reason, it makes sense that blogs are 63% more likely to influence purchasing decisions than newspapers. Eye catching headlines and engaging copy can get a digital reader’s attention and encourage them to read the entire article.
  • Keeping old customers is as important as gaining new customers. Through the use of social media, you can keep your current customers up to date on new products that you are featuring in store, as well as promote upcoming sales and discounts.
  • Entertainment pieces draw a lot of attention on the internet. From songs that are posted on social media sites to comedy skits that spoof the latest politicians, an entertaining piece can help attract viewers. If your company ad shows up before the viewer can listen to the music or watch the video, you will have a constant stream of digital customers.
  • Twelve billion internet searches are conducted every in America.
  • Internet use will continue to drive the sales of most products.
  • Never underestimate the power of a kitty. A video that includes adorable kittens can draw customers to your website.
  • Global Internet users make up 61% of Internet users who research products online.

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