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The part time job seemed like a great way to make the extra cash that you needed during college. With a list of three small offices to clean you had the flexibility of deciding when you wanted to work. As long as you completed the weekly cleaning tasks sometime between when the offices closed on late Friday afternoon and when they reopened on Monday mornings, the work could be done when you wanted.
Close enough to each other that you could clean all three locations without much driving between locations, the sites were also less than five miles from campus. On the nicest weather days you did not even bother to drive, you simply rode your bike. The total of ten miles between the offices and your dorms, a weekend cleaning trip also meant that you were able to get your exercise in on the way to and from work. The fact that all of the supplies and cleaning tools were located onsite meant that you had nothing to haul in and out of the job sites.
Nearly 20 years ago when you started doing some select office cleaning you had no idea that the part time job would turn into a full time career of providing office cleaning services to some of the largest companies in town. In fact, if you could find more workers and get them trained you can have even more clients. The number of church cleaning opportunities and fitness center cleaning requests were growing. You have been putting some offices on your waiting list, but without more help you simply cannot take any more customers.
The Best Office Cleaning Services Are in High Demand
Every place of business, whether it is a non profit location like a church or school setting or the most profitable corporate employer, is always in need of office cleaning services. The best office cleaning services are a simple combination of tow things: reliable, hard working employees and quality, affordable cleaning supplies. And while many companies can gather the best vacuum cleaners, cleansers, and sponges, a talented and dedicated staff is often difficult to find. School cleaning services, for example, have plenty of supplies and products, but they sometimes find themselves switching between a staff of school employed janitors and contracting out for these essential services.
And while some business offices only need cleaned once a week and these tasks can be handled by employees who rotate through a cleaning schedule, other companies require a full time staff who work around the clock to maintain a healthy and clean environment.
Outsourced janitorial services are often the answer to buildings that are large enough that they must be cleaned and maintained around the clock. In these locations, like hotels and hospitals, the public areas are constantly monitored. Janitors are riding the elevators, walking the stairwells and constantly supervising every corner of a site. The private office areas, on the other hand, are often cleaned when the workers leave for the day. And while some offices may go an entire week or more without being cleaned, the most detailed clients want a daily service for every office.
Consider, for example, the number of germs that can be present on an office desk. Research indicates that a dirty desk can harbor 400 times more bacteria than a typical public toilet seat. Offices that understand the importance of daily bathroom cleaning should also understand the health impacts of an unclean office desk. Although these more private spaces may be treated with the out of sight out of mind theory, failing to properly clean private office spaces can lead to employee illnesses that require time off work.
In fact, nearly 100% of workers indicate that they are concerned with catching a virus at work. Whether they fear the dishes that are often left in the sink in the employee lunchroom or the hidden germs on computer keyboards and office phones, workers who are surrounded by unclean spaces often become ill and miss more work.
If you notice that the current cleaning staff is not doing their job, you can pitch in and model how you want the cleaning to be done or hire outsourced janitorial services for these very important cleaning tasks.

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