America Has Long Been a Major Consumer of Tractors of All Sizes

The right machines can make work seem like play. For instance, the right kind of power chain saw can make trimming seem more like a challenge than a chore. The right kind of Branson brand tractor packages, for example, can make the difficult work of clearing an area of trees an obstacle course that needs to be conquered. Working with old machines and tractors that break down and do not perform as they should can be frustrating, but if you have the right machines you can achieve all of your goals.

Branson brand tractors are some of the highest performing machines in the field. Available in a different range of sizes and prices, these machines are built to serve a number of different purposes. And while it is necessary to maintain any piece of machinery that you buy, it is in your best interest to make sure that you invest in equipment that is both reliable and dependable.

Tractors Are Used in a Number of Industries for a Number of Different Purposes

Powered by steam engines, the first tractors to hit the market near the turn of the 20th century weighed between 40,000 and 60,000 pounds. Since that time, of course, there have been many advancements. At that time ore than 150 companies were manufacturing various tractor makes and models and worked in competition with each other to sell the most machines. By the end of the year in 1916, 20,000 tractors were sold in America. Just less than two decades later, however, in 1935 that number had jumped to more than 1 million. As tractors took the place of farm animals on many farms, it should come as no surprise that competition for tractor sales grew very intense.

As some brands dropped out, others took over the market and were more common on farms across the country. Today, tractors that were once used by farmers to run entire operations are now modified so they also serve purposes that are much smaller. From small mowing tractors to machines that are able to clear snow in the harshest of winters, more and more home owners are purchasing garden size tractors for private use.

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