A Splash of Color Can Help You Boost Your Sales

If you want to make something stand out, whether that be a product, a sign or a mailer, it’s a good idea to use color. Studies have shown that color increases brand recognition by 80%. Think of some iconic products. While many are associated by their name or a symbol, there also are plenty of examples where color is the most recognizable aspect of the brand. There are a number of ways you can incorporate color into your branding and marketing efforts.

One of the easiest ways to use color is to incorporate it into your product or packaging. Putting a specific color into your product and/or packaging will associate that color with your product and also will make it stand out to people. This can help boost sales and increase your brand recognition. The use of color on packaging could be as simple as round printable labels or small colored dot stickers.

Another way to incorporate color into your business is to use it in a promotional sense. For example, if you have a retail business and are having a sale on the products you sell, you might use colored circle stickers to delineate a discount on products. Studies show that 85% of shoppers cite color as a prime reason for buying a product. While this usually applies to the color of the product or its packaging, it can also apply to colored circle stickers used in sales promotions. During a sale, you might use color coding stickers to designate how much of a discount the customer is getting. For example, you might use blue for 20% off, green for 30% off and red for 40% off. Using the colors will help to not only attract the customers but guide them to the best deals.

Colors can also be good for marketing materials. Using a bold colored paper or putting bright colors on certain elements can help your marketing piece stand out and do a better job of catching the eye of potential customers. Using color is a simple way to make your marketing stand out without adding a lot of cost and effort.

When you own an business, you need any edge you can get to help boost sales. Using color on packaging, sales or marketing material can help your business stand out to potential customers.

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