A Look Into The World Of Private Jets In The United States

The vast majority of us have been on an airplane (or many airplanes, as it were) and the vast majority of us have also traveled by business class. Though a typical flight is usually not awful, there are a number of inconveniences. Lack of space is one of them. If you are traveling alone, you certainly do not get to choose your seat mate and not all seat mates get along. You can find yourself cramped on space and without very much comfort for the duration of your flight. The process of actually getting on a flight can also be challenging, as airports are often hugely crowded and difficult to navigate. Going through security can be difficult, especially if you have your family in tow. Getting your young children to take off their shoes and put them back on again is a fate that no one deserves.

Private jets, on the other hand, provide a much more streamlined experience. Private jets, in fact, have a number of benefits and the private aircraft in the United States is becoming more popular than ever, from the gulfstream private jet to the executive private jet. In the year of 2011, there were estimated to be a total of more than eleven thousand and two hundred fifty private jets currently registered and in use in the United States alone, all throughout the country. There are a number of types of private planes and private jets, from the larger, nearly commercial sized jet to the much smaller private jet. But no matter what size of plane you fly in, private flights are typically far superior to commercial flights – for a number of clearly definable reasons.

For one, it’s less crowded. Private jets will only hold a few people typically and flights will feel luxurious in comparison to a crowded business class section of a commercial airplane. Even if the private plane you’re flying in is a small one, you’re likely to have more than enough space to yourself. And in the ultimate private jet, you’ll be likely to have more than enough space – and space to spare on top of it all. You will also know the people that you’re flying with, perhaps making flying all the more bearable. There are also simply more airports available to small private jets. Whereas the commercial airplanes of the world must fly into one of the five hundred major commercial airlines in the country, private jets have a much wider selection available to them, depending on where they are traveling to. In fact, one third of all business flights taken by private jets go into a secondary, smaller airport, with only just less than twenty percent funneled into more major airports in the country.

And private jets have long been used for business purposes, ferrying business people from meeting to meeting, conference to conference. And while many people still do utilize commercial flights and airports to get them from one place to another in terms of their business trips, there are a number of advantages to taking private jets instead. For one, it’s more efficient. There are less likely to be significant delays. It has also been found that those who travel in an executive jet feel that they are as much as twenty percent more productive than they would be even in their usual work environment. Those business people who travel by commercial airline, however, feel their productivity drop by as much as forty percent for the duration of the flight and shortly after it as well.

All in all, there are many reasons to take a VIP private jet. Private jets are not only more efficient, they are simply more enjoyable than your typical commercial airline. Private jets provide ease and comfort to flying, and can even make flying a more productive experience by a wide margin (as opposed to an experience in which you actually lose productivity instead, as is typically true of commercial flights). Flying a private jet is superior in many ways – and is well worth the cost.

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