A Look At The Importance Of The Private Jet In The US

Flying is a part of life for many of us. From taking a plane for work to getting aboard one, children in tow, to visit family members, most people in the United States have flown at least once. Some of these trips are for leisure purposes but many of them are related to business ventures or other such obligations. And though flying is certainly more efficient than driving or taking a train (at least when it comes to the time that is spent in transit), flying can be far from an enjoyable experience when you fly out of commercial airports.

First of all, you need to get to the airport not on time, but early. Depending on the time of day that you are flying out of a major commercial airport, the lines for security will be long. Many people will also need to check at least some of their luggage as well, a process that can take even longer. Once you finally get through security, you’ll need to find your gate. The gates are often crowded and seating, though ample, is likely to be filled up. If you’re traveling with a sizable party, it might be unlikely that you’ll be able to find seats next to each other while you wait for your plane. And planes, for a wide variety of reasons, are often simply not on time. This will lead to more waiting. And once the plane finally does get there, the current flight will need to be unloaded and the plane thoroughly cleaned. While this is, of course, to benefit the next passengers and an important service, it is one that eats up even more time. Finally, the waiting passengers can board, but they will be boarded by groups. If you are not one of the first groups, it is likely that you will still need to wait for quite a bit before making it onto the plane. And delays in take off can still occur once you have finally boarded. For many people, sitting on the tarmac for longer than expected is not unnecessary. And, of course, if you’re traveling alone you are not guaranteed to have a seat partner that you enjoy. When flying through a commercial airline, you could have a great experience – but you are more likely to have a negative one. At the end of the day, it’s all left up to chance.

For these reasons and more, the popularity to get an executive jet charter is rising. To get an executive jet charter is to bypass many of the complaints that people have about flying commercially, as the private jet that you are likely to get when you get an executive jet charter is ideal and preferable in so many different ways. For one, to get an executive jet charter means that you will bypass a lot of the crowd and the confusion (and the process of hurry up and wait) that goes along with flying in and out of commercial airports. Whereas commercial flights only have about three hundred and fifty airports to make flights to and from, there are currently many more private airports. In fact, among those who get an executive jet charter, less than twenty percent (around nineteen percent, to be more exact) will choose to fly into a commercial airport instead of into a private one.

To get an executive jet charter is also to improve the working experience of your employees. For those business people who fly commercially, their productivity does not fare well. In fact, people flying for business often even report that their productivity drops by as much as forty seven percent. In comparison, those who fly thanks to someone thinking to get an executive jet charter fare much better. Their productivity rises by as much as twenty percent not just in comparison to what it would have been had they flown commercially, but in comparison to their baseline of productivity in their normal office space.

For these reasons and more, to get an executive jet charter has become increasingly popular in recent years, with now more than eleven thousand private jets existing here in the United States alone.

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