A Guide to Gears

Bevel gear manufacturers

Have you ever heard that old saying that people are like 10-speed bikes? That we have 10 gears but rarely utilize all of them. That old metaphor is getting at the idea that we have unactualized capabilities – or gears. But let’s talk about actual gears. What kinds of things are gear manufacturers producing these days? What kinds of custom gears could you get made. Below is a short guide to these questions.

Bevel gears
A bevel gear has many uses because it lets you change the angle from which you operate. With that said, the gears are normally used of shafts mounted at a right angle. You can also use straight bevel gears, which have straight teeth that are parallel to he generators of the cone. A bevel gear manufacturer can produce all kinds of bevel gears for whatever you might need.

Spur gears
The simplest gear is the spur gear. It is straight cut and looks a lot like the mechanics you might find in a watch. Unlike bevel gears, spur gears generally do not operate at a right angle.

Worm gears
Worm gears look a lot like a screw shape. Worm gears help control rational speed so that a user can get higher torque. A great example of a worm gear is one of those old time pencil sharpeners. Worm gears are often used in conjunction with a spur or helical gear.

See? I thought you might agree that in life and in mechanics, there are all kinds of gears to keep us going. A rack and pinion gear set to operate a train. A worm gear to run a pencil sharpener. A bevel gear manufacturer making parts for our clocks. And the list goes on and on! What’s the best way to keep our gears going? Just like in real life, lubrication, of course! Similar to humans needing water, your gears need oil to keep things running smoothly.
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