A Closer Look At Transportation In The United States

Transportation is important all throughout the world, there is simply no denying this fact. After all, transportation is a key facet of modern life. So too, of course, is the transportation industry, one that is particularly prominent here in the United States. In this country, much of what we do relies on transportation – and for a number of different reasons, too.

And this is an industry that is on the rise, requiring everything from LTL freight services to advanced truckload logistics systems to stay fully functional and in place as it is today. And the data that has been gathered on the subject more than backs this up. After all, 15 billion tons of cargo were already being transported just in the United States alone by the time that we had reached the end of the year of 2013. In the years since, this number has only continued to rise. In the years that are to come, it is only likely to increase further, reaching more than 18 billion tons of cargo per year by the time that we reach the year of 2040. And this year, once a distant future, is not so far off from our current date here in the year of 2019, only just over two full decades away.

But this is certainly not the only way in which the transportation industry has seen – and will continue to see – considerable growth, thus necessitating everything from advanced truckload logistics systems to expedited freight services more than ever in the years that are to come. Already, the LTL market alone is worth as much as $35 billion as of recent research. And the overall value of cargo itself is also on the rise.

In that same year as mentioned above, the year of 2013, cargo was only worth around $882 per ton. While this is still certainly impressive enough in its own right, it’s important to note that the value of cargo by the ton is likely to grow immensely in the coming years. By the time that the two or so decades have passed and we have reached the year of 2040, cargo will be worth more than $1,370 per ton, a huge growth in what is a relatively small amount of time, all things considered.

And with the growth of the transportation industry must too grow the systems that keep it functional. Truckload logistics systems, for instance, are more essential than ever for keeping track of various truckload logistics, from truckload shipping rates to even trade show logistics and the like. Without comprehensive and easy to use truckload logistics systems, the transportation industry would not be what it is today, particularly when it comes to trucking. In addition to these truckload logistics systems, other things must also be considered, such as overweight shipping services and pharma logistics services and even the less than truckload (LTL) shipping services that are offered with more and more frequency all throughout the country.

But why exactly is transportation and trucking growing so rapidly, especially when it comes to the shipping of various goods and products from one end of the country to the next? For one thing, e-commerce has grown tremendously in the last few years on a global scale. Here in the United States alone, it has a current market value that exceeds $400 billion by a considerable amount. In the years that are to come, this total market value has been predicted to grow in an exponential way, with e-commerce growing more and more with each year that passes us by – no matter what part of the world or country it is that you might live in.

After all, online shopping is easy and convenient for many people leading all different kinds of lives. It makes sense that e-commerce would be as successful as it has been, as this is something that makes life better and simpler for so many people. But as a result, the transportation industries of the world have changed forever, as they have had to adapt to the demands that the world of e-commerce has set for it. In the years that are ahead of us, this symbiosis between the two industries will grow.

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