6 Ways Having a Clean Place of Business Can Improve Your Bottom Line

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If you own your own business, you probably want to keep it clean. For some businesses, such as restaurants, fitness centers and retail stores, keeping the business clean has a direct and very clear impact on the company’s bottom line. Customers simply do not like eating, working out or shopping in dirty businesses. When your business runs out of an office space, the impact having a dirty place of business may not be as clear. There are definite benefits to hiring a commercial office cleaning service, however.

The 6 Benefits to Hiring a Commercial Office Cleaning Service for Your Business”

  1. You will reduce your employees’ stress levels. Clean offices tend to be a lot more organized. When staff members work in office spaces that are clean and well organized, they have been shown to experience and suffer from less stress. For many people, keeping the mess to a minimum allows them to get more done and it lowers their stress level.
  2. Your employees will have better mental health overall. Beyond the stress reducing benefits noted above, having a commercial office cleaning service makes employees happier, focused and generally satisfied with the way their work is going. Happier workers are more productive workers.
  3. Hiring the right commercial office cleaning service will save time. If you do not have a janitorial services company, you are responsible for getting or keeping your place of business clean. You spend time worrying about cleaning the office and then you have to spend time on the actual cleaning, That all takes you away from doing the work you need to do. This also means your focus is not always where it needs to be. When you have a good commercial office cleaning service, you do not have to worry about or take care of the cleaning on your own.
  4. People who work in cleaner offices are healthier. Offices can often become great breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. At least 10% of all people who use computers never clean the keyboards. Another 20% report never cleaning the mouse. Add to that the fact that only 5% of people do a thorough enough job washing their hands after they use the bathroom and you have some gross keyboards. Offices have tons of bacteria but this can all be reduced by hiring a commercial office cleaning service can cut down on the germs and your workforce will be healthier as a consequence. You will see people take fewer sick days when your office is good and clean. It will also really help any staff members who suffer from any breathing problems. One of the advantages of hiring a janitorial service is that they can keep an eye on your air filters, which is another way to keep your staff healthy. The air will smell a lot better when the air filters have been cleaned or changed on a regular basis. All workers worry about getting a virus from someone at work, keeping your office clean will help prevent that.
  5. You only have one chance to make a first impression. When prospective clients and customers visit your place of business, they will make judgements about you and your business. The fact of the matter is that a dirty office will look bad for you. People expect offices to be clean and offices that are not can be viewed as being run by businesses that are not trustworthy or professional.
  6. You can promote your environmentally friendly philosophy. A lot of commercial office cleaning services offer green janitorial services. These use products that are better for the environment and for the health of your staff members. You can show off the fact that you use a cleaning services company that uses green products. Green carpet cleaning is one service that can really make a big difference in how your office looks and smells.

There are really a whole host of reasons you should want to keep your place of business and hire a commercial office cleaning service. Some companies let their staff bring their pets to work from time to time. That is impossible without a professional cleaning service. Your business will be more successful when it is clean.


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