6 Steps Companies Should Take to Keep Their Home Safe from Falls

Material handling industry

Protecting workers from falls at work is an important part of running a lot of businesses around the country. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has specific rules and regulations to protect injuries from falls. These include using the right equipment such as fall protection systems and Crosby forged shackles.

  1. Have a policy for fall protection. OSHA fall protection rules are set for any work done at heights of six feet or higher. There are some exceptions to that rule but they are few and far between. Have a consistent policy that you require all of the workers at all of your job sites follow the policy. OSHA looks more favorably on companies that put in place policies to protect their workers from falls.
  2. Have the right safety equipment. It is crucial that your worksites all have the right safety equipment to get the job done in a way where workers are not put in dangerous situations where they could fall and be injured. OSHA usually prefers to see guardrails and other protective equipment but it is also important to have fall protection equipment such as harnesses, Crosby forged shackles and other items that will prevent workers from falling.
  3. Train all workers. It is not enough to have the right safety equipment but workers need to be trained to use it. There are fall protection courses that are offered all over the country so finding the right OSHA fall protection training classes should not be a problem. You need to make sure all of the workers who need to have fall protection certification actually get it. They need to take refresher courses as needed and stay current with their certifications. They also need to know how to inspect and maintain all of the safety and other equipment that is used on your job site .It is also important that your workers read the user’s manual for all of the equipment they are using on a project.
  4. Get everyone on the same page. Keeping workers safe from falls is something that goes beyond having the right training and equipment. You need everyone to take this seriously as it is everyone’s responsibility to stay safe and to make sure the job site is a safe one for workers and anyone who visits the site. Before you begin a project, holding a meeting for everyone who will be working on that job to set the expectations you have for them is a crucial part of keeping everyone safe from falls. If you have any contractors who will be working on your job site, they need to be a part of this meeting, too. Everyone needs to see the role they play in keeping the job site safe and secure.
  5. Plan for a safe job site. All construction jobs require a lot of planning in advance. When you are working on your plan for a project, you need to include your plans to make the job site as safe as possible in your plans for the job. Take into consideration all of the safety equipment such as fall protection systems, harnesses and Crosby forged shackles into you budget plans just as you include any other equipment and tool purchases and rentals. There is a saying that goes, “a failure to plan is a plan to fail.” That is very true in the world of construction. You need to do all you can to protect your workers from falls on the job.
  6. Cut down your turnover rate. Turnover is bad for business for a lot of reasons but reduced safety can be prevented, in part, by having a stable workforce. When people leave the business and new ones come on, you need to make sure the new hires are properly trained and understand the policies you have in place to prevent falls on the job site. When you have the same people working for you for a longer period of time, you can feel more secure knowing they have received the right training.

Providing the right training and equipment such as Crosby forged shackles and harnesses can keep your workers safe and you in compliance with OSHA rules.

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