5 Marketing Methods of the Past that Still Work Today


Advertising for your company has to start right away. As soon as you have an address or a product to market, then you should begin. Don’t procrastinate; time is money. The more time you waste trying to get everything perfect, the more money you will lose. People understand when a business is a start up and they are willing to be patient and help the company out, as long as you show your appreciation and superb customer service. Here are a few out of the box ways for marketing your company whether it’s the first day or it’s 10th year.

Aerial Advertising ServicesAirplane banner advertising with sky banners is a great way to really broadcast your brand to people who may not notice it otherwise. The only thing about this method is that it is a very temporary. However, that might not be a terrible thing because it is very expensive and you wouldn’t want to pay that kind of money long term anyway. You could use aerial advertising services when you are running a particular kind of deal or opening your doors for the first time. It’s a great way to attract attention in a crowded area.

Radio Announcements
You might think that these don’t work anymore because no one listens to the radio. However, this isn’t true. Studies show that there are still a great many people that listen to the radio in their car. Not all cars feature the blue tooth enabled stereos or other features that allow drivers to easily listen to music on their phones. Plus, not all people put music on their phones because it takes up a lot of room. CD’s are becoming a thing of the past and many people do not own any. This means, if you want to listen to music in the car, the only thing to do is turn on the radio. The Millennials might not hear your ads but they are a little young to be making smart purchases anyway.

Everyone loves free stuff. If you hand out gifts, door prizes and other promotional items (e.g. buy one get one free, etc.) then you will definitely attract a lot of people to your establishment. Of course, you’ll still need to advertise the fact that you are giving out free items. That won’t be hard to do though. Once a few people find out and see that it is legitimate then it won’t be long before you have people flooding in, especially if it’s a good deal.

Newspaper Ads
You can still advertise in newspapers and magazines. Because not a lot of people do it anymore, the pricing is quite reasonable. There are still plenty of people who read physical magazines and newspapers. Lots of people prefer the feel of the material in their hands and don’t want to use their smart phones and computers to catch up on the news. These traditional folks are the ones that you need to focus your attention on if you are going to be putting an ad in the newspaper or a magazine.

With all the extreme couponing out in the world, you need to be careful with this one. While people love a cheaper product or a good deal, having a coupon isn’t always going to draw them. There are a gazillion coupons out there for pennies off and if people collect them, they could get a good deal but most of the time, normal people will just throw them away and figure that the few pennies saved are not worth the hassle of using the coupon. You’ll need to make your coupon worth keeping and saving. Try not to put it on paper. Use a good quality card stock in order to make it stand out from the rest.

There are more ways than aerial advertising service and giving away free stuff that you could implement such as sign spinners and other ideas. A lot of these things seem to have gone away but are still very effective if they are put to use correctly.

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