4 Ways GSA Contracts Help Federal Agencies

Throughout the United States, government agencies require many things that any business would need. Considering that, the GSA or General Services Administration was created in 1949. Since this time, this agency went on to create what is known as the GSA Schedule Program. This program allows federal workers to streamline processes associated with pricing and purchasing equipment. In fact, statistics found that government buyers spent nearly $1.2 billion through GSA’s security schedule throughout the fiscal year 2017. That being said, there are many types of GSA schedules that federal employees utilize. With that in mind, here is more information about four popular types of GSA schedule contracts.

  • GSA 23V

    Statistics show that GSA acquires over 65,000 vehicles each year. This amounts to over $1 billion in terms of automotive services and quality vehicles. Therefore, GSA 23V is important to ensure that federal agencies are equipped with the automotive equipment they need. Common types of vehicles covered by GSA 23V includes vehicles for law enforcement agencies as well as firefighters. In addition, GSA 23V also covers maintenance fees for these vehicles including bodywork, windshield repairs, and other similar tasks.
  • GSA 56

    Other types of GSA contracts cover the purchase of buildings and materials needed to construct these structures. Considering that, this is where the GSA 56 Buildings and Building Materials contract is commonly utilized. GSA 56 allows also allows for the purchasing of power equipment, air and water purification systems, and prefabricated structures.
  • GSA 78

    There is a wide range of federal agencies in existence. With that in mind, it’s important to focus on sporting and playground equipment for these facilities. Fortunately, this is where GSA 78 schedule contracts enter the picture. GSA 78 contracts allow federal agencies to purchase playground equipment, sporting goods, musical instruments, and other similar products. In addition, federal agencies can also purchase displays and other types of signage through a GSA 78 schedule contract.
  • GSA 84

    This GSA schedule contract ensures that enforcement agencies have a wide range of equipment. You’ll find that GSA 84 schedule contracts include a wide range of security system equipment as well as alarm systems. In addition, this schedule contract also provides surveillance equipment including body and vehicle cameras for members of law enforcement.

In conclusion, it’s important to understand how GSA schedule contracts help government agencies. That being said, there are many more types of GSA scheduling contracts that can help your federal government agency. Whether it’s helping defense contractors or facility managers purchase items, GSAs are extremely beneficial.

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