4 Things a Medical Facility Needs in its Cleaning Crew

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The necessity of medical device manufacturing facility cleaning is an absolute must. There are some companies and businesses that can scrimp on their cleaning dues. They might be able to go a few days without a deep clean and they’ll be alright. Not many people will notice. However, medical device manufacturing facility cleaning has to be done every day, sometimes throughout the day in order to make sure that everything that is being made is up to par. The types of cleaning services that you would have to hire for a place like this would need to match up to a very severe set of standards. There can be no cutting corners by the cleaning company. Here are a few things that you should look very carefully for when looking for a medical device manufacturing facility cleaning company.

This is a huge one. You can’t hire a cleaning company that isn’t going to be honest with you. They should be honest about the prices they are offering, the people they are hiring, the products they are using and everything else. You shouldn’t be able to check out one fact and find it lacking. Everything should clear properly. If you are considering a company and they are willing to give you a quote over the phone, you should move on to the next company. A real and honest cleaning company will not be able to quote you anything until they visit your facility. This might be frustrating but if the person on the other end of the phone is insisting that they cannot give you a quote over the phone, this is not a sales tactic. They really can’t. Their prices are determined by the size of the job, what needs to be done, how big the area is, the tools and equipment that will be used and more. You might be able to measure the area, but only the cleaning company will be able to see what really needs to be done and what the best way to do it is.

Background Checks
A facility that makes medical devices is an extremely sensitive place to be. There are a lot of things that criminals would want to get their hands on in order to sell it on the black market; things that can not be bought by the public. This is why you’ll need to ask if they run background checks on their employees. You could go a step further and request that they give you the background checks for each of the cleaners that will be in your facility. They won’t be required to hand these over until you officially hire them but you could ask if this is something that they would be willing to do during the initial interview. If they are not willing to do this, you probably shouldn’t hire them because a company with nothing to hide will have no problem running and handing over background checks.

Attentive to Detail
If you are trying to hire a medical device manufacturing facility cleaning crew, one of the main things that you want from them is that they are attentive to detail. A facility like this needs to be carefully attended to with nothing left out. Even the smallest area that is forgotten could a breeding ground for something that could damage the medical devices. This means that all of the cleaners that come in, need to have a lot of experience and high levels of expertise when it comes to cleaning medical facilities. Mistakes cannot happen here, like they can at a regular place of business. They have to understand the importance of being detail oriented.

You need a cleaning company that can work with the facility’s schedule. It’s likely to be a 24 hour facility so there’s not really a chance for the cleaning crew to come when the place is closed. However, there are bound to be times where there is less traffic and more opportunity to properly clean. This is when the cleaning crew should come but it might be at weird hours. You’ll need to find a 24 hour cleaning company that will be willing to come at different times and whenever necessary.

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