4 Creative Proposal Ideas


Thinking of proposing to your girlfriend? This moment is one that will stay with her for the rest of her life, so you will want to make it a memorable occasion. Need some inspiration? Here are some great proposal ideas that will get you ready to make a statement.

1. Horse back riding

Whether you are going horseback riding on a scenic trail, or on a beach at dusk, horseback riding is a great activity couples can do to bond. If you are thinking of proposing, make sure to ask for a private ride with an instructor who knows of your plan so they can take photos of both of you. You can either stop in a scenic part of the tour, or have the ring wrapped in a saddlebag for your girlfriend to discover.

2. At a castle

What girl doesn’t like being treated like a queen? If you are heading abroad, choose a place with a scenic castle to get down on one knee. Just make sure to set up a photographer first, as the views will be too hard to remember once the excitement washes over you both.

3. Use plane banners

You want to scream your love from the rooftops, so why don’t you take it to the skies? Sky advertising is a fantastic way to show the world how you feel about your favorite girl, and using plane banners is a way catch her eye when you both are relaxing on the beach, or on a scenic mountainside. You will want the message to be a simple ” will you marry me?” because the less words it has, the clearer the message will be to read. Once she says yes and the plane lands, you can take an incredible engagement picture next to to banner so you will always remember it!

4. Seashells

If you are a couple that loves to be in the water, bring a little piece of the ocean into your proposal. Set up will you marry me in seashells in a private section of the beach, and take your sweetheart out for a walk. All of a sudden you will come across your message, an when she is reading it take that time to drop onto one knee with the ring.

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