3 Ways Physical Business Signs Can Improve Sales

Business signage design

Advertising is obviously the best way to attract and bring in more customers for any business. Unfortunately, because people are surrounded by advertisements everyday, whether it be watching television, surfing the internet, or simply driving past a billboard, they have become accustomed to overlooking them without second thought.

While many companies are now turning to digital ads to follow the modern technology trend, a lot of companies completely underestimate the effectiveness of a classic physical sign. So what makes signs so useful?:

  1. Location: Believe it or not, about 35% of potential consumers wouldn’t know a business’s location without some sort of business signs displayed. Sure some might be using Google maps for help, but if they reach a building with no indicators of what it is, they may simply assume you’re closed or have moved locations.
  2. Attracting pedestrians: Pedestrians passing by a store can’t help but check out attractive outdoor business signs they see, with at the very least a glance. This is a great way to get customers inside by explaining what merchandise or services you might sell. An estimated 50% of new customers have reported being attracted to a business by an on-premise sign.
  3. Affordable: Purchasing online ad space and paying to top google rankings can be a very expensive endeavor, especially over a long period of time. Physical banner signs, on the other hand, are substantially cheaper and can last for a long time. Redesigned onsite business signage really only ends up costing around $0.02 for every 1,000 views.

Physical business signs can actually reach more of an overall market than any other form of advertisement. And because it is not thrown in your face like digital ads, consumers are more likely to view banners and signs more positively.

Customers appreciate when companies show them respect. So make it an important point in your business plan. After all, the customer is always right.

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