3 Things to Look for in Transportation Management Software

Shipping and freight is a large industry with the LTL market alone being estimated at over $30 billion with about 12 million total goods transported totally with the help of trucks, locomotives and ocean vessels. There are almost six million drivers qualified to drive commercial vehicles in the U.S. therefore LTL shipments and regular freight shipments are a major source of transportation. Load boards help companies keep track of these shipments and coordinate shipments with available drivers. Without proper software these load boards can become overwhelming, but with proper equipment they can run smoothly without much hassle.

Risk Management

Risk management is important in transportation management software. This is especially important for those who ship hazardous materials. Proper types of TMS systems software will help these shipments. Generating reports and helping make many processes automated are a couple ways that this software can help with managing ltl shipments and other shipments.

Lost Shipments

There are probably a few times where you find yourself freaking out because you can’t find a shipment or it seems as though the shipment disappeared. This type of system should work to keep this from happening. This type of software can help provide visibility for the shipment through every process that it goes through.

Carrier Management

This can be increasingly beneficial if you have load boards or have multiple carriers. With proper software you can see all your carriers at the same time with little effort. This helps know when someone is close to being able to carry another load, and when they are still to far away. This type of software can help you better plan the carriers off the load boards which can help save time and energy. Load board planning can take some time, but with the proper equipment things can go a little more smoothly.

This software is beneficial to make things run smoothly, ensure all loads get carried and delivered and do so with minimal effort. Choosing the right software involves comparing various types of software and weighing the pros and cons of each software version. With a little research your company can find the proper software for the required job that simplifies the process and takes a lot of the leg work out of it.

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