3 Reasons a Dirty Office May Negatively Affect Employees

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Are you having problems with employees getting sick at the office? At first, you might not have thought it was related to the office at all. You noticed more and more employees getting sick one right after the other. They all had similar symptoms and illnesses, but you did not think it could possibly have been caused by anything in the office. If you do not have regular cleaning services coming to your office, this could actually be a problem. Not only do you need regular cleaning but you also need consistent professional carpet cleaning to keep the office clean.

Interested in learning more about ways in which a dirty office can affect employees? Keep reading for more information about local carpet cleaning and other cleaning services you should invest in at your company.

3 Reasons a Dirty Office May Negatively Affect Employees

Whether you already invest in cleaning services or not, you may need to reassess the quality of these services and how thorough they are. If people are still getting sick in your office, it is important to make sure you have high quality cleaning including local carpet cleaning to make sure the office isn?t gathering dirt and dust. Here are three reasons why not investing in these types of services could negatively affect your employees and your company.

1. Too much dust

The best type of cleaning service will make sure that there is not a speck of dust left in the office after cleaning. This requires dusting in every room of the office. It also means that there must be clean carpets in every room in the office. Dust does not just gather on top of desks, bookshelves, and tables. It also can gather in the carpet. Whether it is permanent carpet or rugs thrown around the office building, they all need a thorough cleaning by a local carpet cleaning company to help prevent the buildup of dust. IF workers are exposed to dust frequently throughout the day, it can affect their cognitive skills. Studies show that these skills can be negatively impacted up to 6% when there is too much dust.

2. Common cold and influenza

Your cleaning service should be responsible for disinfecting every surface in the office. This requires more than just cleaning the bathrooms and the kitchen area. Believe it or not, each employee’s? desk area can be riddled with dirt and bacteria. From the computer mouse, to the computer keyboard, to the telephone, to the desk itself, the entire area needs fully cleaned on a regular basis. Otherwise, employees will likely get sick even if they don?t use the kitchen for their meals at the office. They are definitely using all the things in the desk area which could be getting them sick. When all of these areas of fully cleaned, employees are 80% less likely to get sick with things like the common cold and influenza. That could even reduce how often employees get sick by nearly 50%.

3. Lose hours at work

Not only is being sick uncomfortable for employees because they do not feel well, it also affects their hours at work. A cleaning service can help save hours that employees lose at work. This is only the case when the cleaning service is professional and high quality. If they do their job at best as they can using the best products, employees may be able to avoid catching illnesses that take them out of the office for one or more days in any given year. This includes making sure the carpet is clean. If your current cleaning service doesn?t clean the carpet, hire a local carpet cleaning company to make sure that carpets are professionally cleaned. Otherwise, carpet can be dirtier than other areas in the office like the bathroom and kitchen.

Does your current cleaning service do a professional job at cleaning your office? Do they also clean the carpets on a regular basis to get rid of dirt, dust, and bacteria? Let us know in the comments about your experience with employees getting sick frequently.

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