3 Places to Look For Temporary Office Space

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If you’re a small business or operate on a more freelancing, remote basis, it can be tough to find temporary office space. For one, many landlords want you to be able to lock into a few years and if you think you might only need the space for a year or shorter amount of time, it can be hard to find accommodations that are still reasonable in price. Luckily, there a couple of different options you can take to find temporary office space quickly. One viable option is looking into a shared office space. Another is entering into a lease agreement and a third option is using a business center location, where you can have mail sent, amenities of an office, and flexible lease terms. Certain business center locations can offer as little as a few hundred dollars a month per person — ideal for a smaller business.
The Stats
Experts agree that around 80% of the costs are due to operations costs and lease or rental payments. Getting enough money to get the company off the ground — and keep it off the ground — can sometimes be very difficult.
If you’re an especially creative company, aesthetic and comfort can also be important to retaining employees. U.S. office employees reported that the top most important things to them in an office work environment are social areas, good heating and cooling systems, accessibility to food, furniture quality, and good coffee! When going to find office space, you should keep these needs in mind.
Remember, office space leases are often flexible. Whether you are looking for a one-year lease or a 10-year lease, you have a good chance of getting your wish.
Why Choose Office Space Leasing Instead of Choosing to Rent Office Space?
Leasing can be a more reliable option than renting — if you like a particular area, you can stay there for a specific amount of time, rather than an arbitrary undefined amount. That is to say – after a month, you can’t be forced out. Your costs also won’t fluctuate from month to month with a lease, whereas with a rental agreement, the landlord could change the price of rent, depending on say, things like the weather (additional heating or cooling costs) or for repairs.
What are the Benefits of a Business Center or a Shared Office Space?
There are more than 4,000 business centers all across the United States and probably more smaller shared office space arrangements. A business center is essentially a shared facility where individuals from different companies — be they large or small — can go to work, with office amenities, such as cubicles or desks, computers, phones, a scanner/copier machine, and printing access, among other things. Most business centers will also have a support staff and rooms available to use for conferences or other meetings. Shared office spaces are often business centers, but can also be on a much smaller scale. A business may sublet some of its space to an outside company for extra money, for example.
If you’re trying to find a temporary office space, these all may be viable options for you. Look at listings online or in a newspaper to see what’s available in your area.

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