3 Major Problems That a Sewer Line Inspection Can Prevent

Clogged sewer line

We rely on our homes’ plumbing every day — but we rarely consider how well our homes’ sewer systems are working.

Recently, however, more homeowners have become cognizant of the condition of their sewer lines. If you own an older home, especially, it’s a good idea to have regular sewer line inspections performed, as sewer lines built before 1970 are well past the end of their average lifespan.

Believe it or not, but a video camera inspection of your sewer lines can actually help you prevent a number of problems and complications, as well. Here are just three of the problems you can avoid by having one of these inspections performed:

Tree roots in sewer lines

Did you know that tree roots in sewer lines are the No. 1 cause of sewer line blockage and other problems? With a camera inspection, a professional sewer line expert can detect whether tree roots are invading your pipes and diagnose a plan for successfully removing them.

Cracked and fractured sewer pipes

Sewer inspections can also detect cracks and fractures within your pipes before they become a major problem. Older sewer lines are especially prone to cracking. When your sewer lines crack, they leak sewage into the environment surrounding your home — something no one wants to have happen!

Grease blockage

You likely know that you should never pour cooking grease or oil down your drains, as this grease will cool and solidify within your pipes, creating a nasty clog. Over time, however, grease buildup is unavoidable, and can prevent your sewer lines from functioning as they should. Sewer line inspections can detect whether or not there’s grease present in your pipes, and help you figure out a way to get rid of it.

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