100 Piece Packages of Screws Now Available on Amazon

Looking for a 100 piece package of screws, particularly custom micro screws? Then look no further than our most popular undersized micro screws and fasteners now available on Amazon in 100 piece packages. You’ll find a specialized selection of micro machine screws, micro plastic forming screws, and small metal forming screws in a variety of sizes based on our years of experience supplying various industries with custom screws.

Machine Screws

Machine screws are used in all types of machines such as electronics, engines and huge industrial manufacturing equipment. Sometimes they’re called stove bolts. Instead of creating a hole as they are screwed in, they normally get threaded through a preexisting hole.

Plastic and Metal Thread Forming Screws

Thread forming screws are generally used to increase resistance to loosening, as they have the ability to create mating threads in both metal and plastic base materials. The key to using thread forming screws is in the torque power – too much torque and they break while too little torque causes them to come loose. Use of these screws is beneficial in high-stress areas and joints.

Screw Head Shapes

The six types of screw head shapes are a pan head, a flat head, a round head, an oval head, a truss head, and a hex head, but the two most commonly used are round heads and flatheads. Most of the various head types are compatible with either the slotted or Philips screwdriver; and sometimes both.

Screw Sizes

The 100 piece packages of screws come in sizes ranging from #00 to M3 and in a variety of materials, such as stainless steel, black stainless steel, nickel plated, zinc plated, black zinc plated, titanium, titanium nitrate coated, and black oxide. The specifications and size are listed on each screw’s individualized product page on Amazon. If you have difficulty finding your exact size, be sure to look at the larger or smaller sizes as they may be listed differently than what you are searching for.

We offer high-quality fastener options at competitive prices to a number of industries including, but not limited to: consumer electronics, computer technologies, telecommunications, consumer products, automotive, medical instruments, industrial products, and optical devices. Don’t let standard fasteners drive your design, go custom with our 100 piece package of screws and build better products.

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