10 Facts Starting a Plumbing Company

This video shows ten facts about starting a plumbing company. If you are good with your hands, forming a plumbing company is a fantastic way to maximize your talents. Apprenticeship is the first thing you need to get your company running.

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You will receive a journeyman plumbing certificate after completing your apprenticeship. Afterward, you can pursue your master’s license, which authorizes you to start your plumbing company.
You must also determine your plumbing specialization to avoid spreading your resources too thin. The various plumbing specializations available include commercial, residential, service, and new construction. Ensure you choose and register your company name to avoid legal disputes over trademark infringements. Such a name will also enable you to market your company on social media platforms without liability.
It would be wise to take a business course to learn how to set up an adequate cash flow, invoice, and pricing system for your company. You can also engage finance experts like accountants and bookkeepers to assist you in financial literacy. Ensure you purchase high-quality equipment that can serve you effectively without excessive maintenance. Consistent learning and networking are also vital in achieving continuous profit for your plumbing company.

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