Wednesday 19 December 2018
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Considering Flake Epoxy Flooring? 5 Reasons Why You Should!

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Are you considering changing the flooring in your commercial building, but unsure of what material to go with? You need something that makes sense, something that is convenient, safe, and yet, very durable. Consider going with flake epoxy flooring. There are actually many benefits of flake floor systems that are also coated with epoxy. These benefits are also perfect for a backroom or industrial type of setting.

Extremely durable
Durability is perhaps, one of the most important and required characteristics of a floor material, especially in industrial and workrooms. There will be heavy equipment, large numbers of employees, and the potential for large scale spills. The flooring needs to hold up in all of these situations. With machines used on the production line potentially weights thousands of pounds, the flake epoxy flooring needs to be very strong.

Visually appealing
While the appearance is not as important as other factors, especially durability, it is still important to the overall look of the room. Studies show that when employees enjoy the workspace they are in, they tend to be more productive. The entire morale of the company also tends to improve. You could leave the flooring as it is, but employees will feel less valued and satisfied with their current work environments.

Flake epoxy flooring can also increase the amount of light in an otherwise dark room. The flakes are usually of a lighter toned color, bringing the natural light into the floor. Many warehouses and backrooms are difficult to work in, because of the lack of natural light within the room. However, epoxy flooring can increase an area?s brightness by 200%, making a huge different in employee productivity.

Flake epoxy flooring for backrooms also needs to be safe. Some flooring is coated with highly toxic materials that if disturbed, it can affect the air quality of the room. Considering that scratches and tears in the flooring are possible in high volume workrooms, it is essential that the material is safe. Epoxies are generally made up of two parts, epoxy resin and the curing agent. The curing agent is a very strong top coat that protects the bottom coat. However, if it were to be scratched or damaged, the bottom coat, once dry, is still safe. If you are still worried about the safety of flake epoxy flooring, consult with your epoxy flooring contractor.

Long lasting
Commercial business owners also tend to want flooring that is long lasting. It can be quite a hassle to remove everything from the warehouse to have the floors installed or coated. This process can also be very expensive, cutting into profit costs. The longer that the flooring is able to withstand heavy use, the better it is. Depending on exposure to traffic, epoxy can last 5 to 10 years. When you factor this length of time with the relatively affordable materials, flake epoxy flooring is a great option.

Quick installation
Not only is the life of the epoxy flooring important, but so is the amount of time it takes to install. If you are already doing work out of your warehouse or backroom, you will have to put everything on hold until the flooring is completed. If it takes too long, you could lose out on hundreds, maybe even thousands of orders. Fortunately, when you use professional epoxy coating services, the entire process can be completed in just a couple of days.

The flooring in a business warehouse or backroom is actually very important to the business? overall productivity. Warehouse business owners require a flooring that is safe for air quality, extremely durable to heavy weights and machinery, can be installed and repaired very quickly, is cost efficient, and provides a visual improvement to the room. Flake epoxy flooring is one of the most common types of flooring used in these specific areas. Business owners are pleased with all of the benefits it offers.

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