Monday 25 March 2019
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3 Fun Facts About Elevators

Residential elevator repair

Most of us ride in elevators pretty regularly, if not in fact daily. Whether we use residential lifts to get back to our apartments every day, or we use the commercial elevators in our workplaces or malls, they do play quite an important role in our lives.

But what do you really know about elevators? Probably not that much, unless you’ve ever had to call up an elevator company for elevator repair, to install residential lifts.

Check out these little known fun facts about elevators:

Elevators Are Very Safe:
There are twenty times more elevators than escalators in the world, and yet there are only 1/3 as many more accidents. Basically, elevators are twenty times safer than escalators. They are also safer than cars — about 26 people die in elevators every year in the U.S., but there are 26 car deaths every five hours. Of course, as long as installation is completed safely and completely that is.

They Can’t Be Exponentially Tall
The laws of physics dictate that elevators cannot be taller than 1,700 feet since the hoist ropes become far too heavy after that and would snap after 3,200 feet. So if such a tall building existed, you’d probably have to take one elevator to another one higher up!

They Used to Be Run By a Team
Elevators at one point required a two-person team to run them correctly and well. One was the dispatches, and one was the operator. The panel of buttons on the inside of the elevator rendered those positions completely obsolete, although one still sometimes sees an elevator boy servicing the residents of an apartment building or a hotel.

There are over 700,000 elevators in the U.S., and they all require specialists for commercial elevator installation and repair. When it comes to these services, it is important to make sure that professionals are taking care of everything. Commercial elevator installation can make the difference between a safe elevator and an unsafe elevator situation. If you are in charge of overseeing the safe installation of lifts in a building, don’t hesitate to contact more than one reputable elevator company to make sure they everything goes smoothly during the installation, inspection, or repairs.

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