Why Ongoing Scheduled Document Shredding Is More Important Than You Thought

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Companies are fortresses of information. Whether its information regarding employees, financial records, or confidential information about their clients, companies rely on information to do business. Yet, the more information they have, the more vulnerable they are to breaches and information theft. In fact, in 2015, more than 16 million people were affected by data breaches that stretched over 300 companies.

So, just what can these companies do to protect themselves and their clients? With ongoing schedule document shredding services, these companies can feel confident that their business is better protected. And, with corporate identity theft costing businesses nearly $50 billion every year, there is not much to lose. Here’s a look at a few benefits to these ongoing scheduled document shredding services.

Top 3 Benefits to Ongoing Scheduled Document Shredding

1. Convenience and Efficiency

Shredding services are extremely convenient, as they can save a business both time and money. For instance, employees will no longer need to shred documents themselves. Instead, they can focus on their primary tasks and stay focused on the business. In addition, large trucks can be deployed to shred your documents. Because they come to you and can shred thousands of pounds of paper at a time, you won’t be left sending an employee to do the task yourself.

2. Reduced Liability

Once shredded, the paper travels to locked bins. This helps to protect the business and prevent corporate identity theft, as it becomes much more difficult for potential thieves to access the information. Companies can enjoy reduced liability and feel confident that they are truly protected.

3. Increased Protection

In addition, paper that is shredded on mobile shredding trucks becomes combined with thousands of pounds of documents from other companies. With such a high volume of shredded and jumbled information, it would be near impossible for any potential thief to find the right pieces of shredded paper and put it back together to the original document. With these services, companies tend to enjoy more confidence in their protection.

4. Environmentally Friendly

As an environmentally friendly industry, paper shredding can even help the environment. Most companies who provide this service recycle the paper after it is completed, allowing it to be reused for other purposes. This means that companies who enjoy such protection and great mobile service can also know that they are doing their part to go green and be more environmentally friendly.

5. Legal Compliance

Finally, legal compliance is an extremely important issue. This is because lawsuits do happen, especially if identity theft does occur. If your company is situated in the medical industry, legal industry, or any other field with high volumes of sensitive information, you can expect to face such a lawsuit at some point while in business.
However, these problems can be avoided if you take steps to protect yourself throughout the business. For instance, with ongoing scheduled document shredding, you will sign written documentation indicating that you handed liability of the documents over to another company and followed proper legal procedures to do so. If a lawsuit ever does occur, you will be protected with this single piece of paper.
About 20% of all information breaches investigated each year involve paper records. This means that individuals who leave sensitive information on documents, whether laying around in the office or simply thrown in the trash, can be responsible for identity theft or other problems — simply because it was not shredded.

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