What Customers Look for in Retail Packaging

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One study by Business Insider shows that it takes 7 seconds for a purchasing decision to be made. The 2016 West Rock Consumer Insights Study found that 26 percent of those surveyed stated product packaging is very important. Having great retail packaging is the key to ensure more consumers purchase your product. Research shows that packaging of a product is a major purchasing factor. According to The Paper Worker, one third of decisions consumers make is based solely on the packaging. In this post, you will learn important retail packaging factors that go into consumers purchasing decision.

  • Positive Environmental Impact: Green packaging usually has a place to mention their environmental efforts. If your company participates in any environmental initiatives, the packaging is the perfect place to let that be known. One study found that 52 percent of people in the world buy a product partially based on their social and environmental efforts. Mentioning any environmentally related facts works well to let customers know how much your brand cares.
  • Keep Brand Prominent: Not all companies have the luxury of brand loyalty when starting out. However, the largest companies in the world never started out as household names. What many massive companies did was ensure their logo was featured prominently on their packaging. Having an icon or logo gives customers an idea of what to look for when finding your products in a store. Not having a prominent brand makes it harder for a customer to remember your product the next time around.
  • Font Choices are Extremely Important: No one wants to have to squint or focus to read what your product is all about. You want to have a font that stands out while not straying too far away from the norm. No one wants to see a bunch of symbols or feel like your retail packaging is in another language. Creating a font that is all your own will help your brand stand out in a big way. The more readable packaging is, the more likely consumers will spend the time to read it. Another tip is to include a font color that blends well with other packaging colors.
  • Color Choices Should Match Target Audience: It is likely that more guys are going to buy a black container of motor oil than a pink one. Likewise, more women will prefer pink or purple deodorants than one colored black. You must try and match colors to your audience. Different colors invoke different feelings from consumers. Black is a color that invokes a feeling of power and control. Green colors evoke feelings of relaxation and harmony which makes them fitting for many green cleaning products. Many companies want to have eye catching box labels that instantly let a customer see their logo.
  • User Friendly Packaging: It’s easy to want to have the best packaging design possible. However, you must be careful that you do not go overboard with packaging. A package that is too complicated or hard to open might push consumers away. One of the notoriously hard to open packaging types is the clamshell. You will want to work with a packaging company that creates user friendly clamshell casing. No consumer wants to take a product home, only to spend a long time trying to open it up. You will want to have product packaging that combines elements of security and user friendliness.
  • In summary, there are several retail packaging factors that help ensure customers buy their product. The 2016 edition of the West Rock Consumer Insights Study showed that 66 percent of people tried a new product because of the packaging. Showing your company does its part with caring for the environment helps sway purchasing decisions. You will want to keep your brand prominent on your packaging. Choosing fonts and colors that go together well is very important. Poor color choices could make the product information hard to read. Lastly, packaging that is relatively easy for consumers to open is always a plus. Following these tips will help to ensure your product does very well on the shelves.

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