Trade Show Display Rentals Can Pay Off Big

Trade show graphics

Trade shows have been around for a long time and businesses of all types have found new customers, demonstrated new products and shown their wares for decades. But just when you might have thought that trade shows were a thing of the past, you would find out how wrong you actually were.

B2B Magazine reported in their “2014 Marketing Outlook” study that just behind digital spending for companies is event spending. Events are the second largest area of growth in media, and trade shows are where the majority of these events are taking place.

Trade show display rentals are where companies spend a good portion of their budget, so it’s important to make sure that the money is being spent in the right way. Rental exhibits can come in various shapes and sizes, depending on the location of the trade show, so booth designs can be flexible, tailored to the location and the specific need of the company.

With so much potential in participating in trade shows around the country, it might surprise you to learn that companies are not taking full advantage of everything they might be able to take away. On average, a company will spend approximately 31.6% of its marketing budget on events, and US exhibitors will tally up $24 billion dollars in expenditures every year to display their company’s offerings. Yet, despite all of this money being spent each year, up to 70% of businesses don’t have a clear plan as to what they want and need from a trade show.

Booth designs for trade shows are extremely important and should be considered wisely before an exhibition. Trade show display rentals can be adapted to the needs of the business, bring the company more bang for its buck and a greater return on that investment.

Trade show visitors are always potential customers. They have come knowing that they will be seeing some of the best a company has to offer. Often, businesses roll out something new at a trade show, giving the visitors the first look at the new product. Trade show visitors will spend an average of 9.5 total hours visiting an exhibition, giving a company plenty of time for demonstrations, discussions and answering questions. This personal attention is one of the draws for many visitors.

While trade shows offer the possibility of converting many visitors to customers, good trade show management can turn an average conversion rate into a substantial windfall of customer satisfaction and retention. Managing your trade show display rentals doesn’t have to be difficult. Relying on a few rules of thumb can take the guess work and apprehension out of exhibitions and turn that guess work into confident and powerful displays that attract the visitors who are being bombarded with appeals for their attention by everyone with a booth.

For example, use sans serif fonts for any text you want to display and use only one or two different types of fonts. This will keep the visitor from becoming too distracted. Also, when displaying the text, consider the font size. You should add an inch of height for every foot away the visitor will be standing. In other words, if a visitor will be standing 10 feet away when looking at your text, make the font 10 inches in height. Finally, the use of graphics is very important, and making sure you have the ability to change them with any trade show display rental is crucial.Typically, you will need three types of graphics: short range, medium range, and long range. Giving your visitors a chance to see your wares from any angle gives you the edge over those who don’t.

Trade shows are not a thing of the past and neither are trade show display rentals. They are a healthy and thriving business tool that you can use to expand your business. The next time you attend one, either as a visitor or as one with a display, take a look at who is driving the most traffic. Can you figure out why? If you can, do it yourself. You never know who might drop by.


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