Three Tools You Absolutely Shouldn’t Use to Open a Package Unless You Want to Hurt Yourself

Best blister packaging techniques

According to a survey in Yours Magazine, 71% of respondents had hurt themselves when trying to open difficult packages, like plastic blister packaging for example. This means that out of a random grouping of people, about seven out of 10 have hurt themselves trying to get a package open.

If you’re one of the three out of 10 who’s never accidentally gotten hurt trying to open something up — and would like to keep it that way — don’t use the following three things when trying to open up blister packaging or other difficult packages.

A Box Cutter.

According to the Yours survey, the most common injuries people received were cut fingers, and cut hands. If you’d like to keep your appendages unnicked, don’t use a box cutter on tough-to-open packages. The razor isn’t designed to open tough, plastic blister packaging, and applying too much force could cause it to slip and cause a nasty gash.

Dull Scissors.

Although scissors can seemingly open just about anything, they’re often ineffective against clamshell packs, which are easily one of the toughest types of blister packaging designs out there. Often times, people wind up rubbing their fingers and joints raw as they try to force the scissors to work through the tough blister packaging to no avail. In most cases, the duller the scissors, the more painful the injury.

Your Teeth.

Teeth are meant for three things: chewing, speaking, and smiling. They are not tools meant to help us open packages. Yet, many people — for some reason — think that they are, and actually wind up cracking or chipping their teeth as a result.

Although packaging services do their best to try to make their packs as easy to open as possible, they also have a duty to ensure that they’re childproof, tamperproof, and fool proof — that they won’t easily open and won’t allow the contents to get damaged — even if it means causing a little bit of consumer frustration.

If you’ve ever gotten hurt trying to open blister packaging before, or use a neat little trick to open blister packaging, feel free to share your experience in the comments.

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