Three Helpful and Unique Types of Gears

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Did you know that gears are used to transmit motion? In fact, gears have been used to transmit motion longer than most other types of tools. The first known use of gears dates back to the first century, and they are still commonly utilized in machinery. There are many types of gears available, and each one is beneficial in its own way.

1. Pinion. Pinions are round gears, and they are the smaller of two interacting gears. Pinion gears are often used in remote-controlled toys, gear drive trains, differential drives, and chain-driven motorcycles, among many other applications. Pinion gears can even be used in tandem with racks because they allow racks to move in a straight line.

2. Bevel. Bevel gears are shaped like cones that have their tips cut off, and they are typically used on shafts that are situated on a 90 degree angle. Bevel gears can be utilized in cars, trains, power plants, and painting presses, which makes them highly versatile. Bevel gear manufacturers can even change the amount of teeth on a bevel gear, which allows their mechanical ability to be modified.

3. Spur. Due to their simplicity and usefulness, spur gears are a common type of gear to obtain. In fact, spur gears are considered to be the simplest type of gear available because their edges contain straight teeth. Spur gears efficiently transmit power, so they are commonly used in metal cutting machines, fuel pumps, washing machines, and steel mills.

Gears have been used for approximately 2,000 years, which means many types of gears have become available. Bevel, spur, and pinion gears, for example, are all beneficial in their own ways. By choosing the right types of gears for your needs, your machines will be able to operate more efficiently.

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