Sustainable, Beautiful And Classic Crafting An Eco-Friendly Hotel Lobby With Architectural Stone

There are many materials that people can use for construction of buildings, whether the craft work is going to be visible in the interior or exterior. In many cases, architectural stone is becoming a popular choice. This allows you to achieve a unique looking and aesthetically very nice effect in some cases. If you are building a wall or a floor in a building out of architectural stone, you will want to make sure you do it right.

If you are not very familiar with architecture stone and have not worked with it a lot, you might have many questions about it. For example, you might wonder, where can I find people who will work with architectural stone near me? What are the best architectural stone manufacturers in my area? Who can help me build a beautiful architectural stone wall? Where can I find natural building stone suppliers who provide affordable products? It might be a good idea for you to do some location specific research, since the answers to these questions might vary based on where you live. If you talk to architectural stone manufacturers in your area, they will likely be able to answer your questions and give you some valuable information on this subject.

First impressions go a long way.

This is true for going on a first date. This is true for meeting with someone who could very well become your next boss. When you design a business you design it with the first impression in mind, doing everything you can to set the tone for everything else that’s to follow. For some businesses it means constantly investing in cleaning services to make sure every inch of the building is spotless. For others it can go even deeper, supplementing their design and creating a full experience the second a new set of eyes lands on the front lobby.

The beauty of architectural stone is how easy it is to make every visit a breathtaking experience.

The interior and exterior design of a business is incredibly important. Not only does it portray your brand in a clever visual manner, a little extra thought makes sure customers are always feeling welcome and invested whenever they walk through your front doors. Hardscaping is on the rise, thanks to data provided by the Census Bureau’s Survey Of Construction, with over 20% of new homes having a deck installed. This extends to businesses that want to stand out from the competition without completely throwing the basics to the wayside. Where do marble slabs for sale come into the picture?

The use of marble in architecture and home design can be traced back many thousands of years. Ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian cultures were well-known for using stone to craft beautiful buildings, places of worship and home residences, manifesting today as an eco-friendly and clever way of crafting all sorts of establishments. Whether you’re designing a hotel lobby or dental office, architectural stone holds a lot of appeal for many. One study found over 80% of travelers stating it’s important for the properties and accommodations to implement eco-friendly design.

The design of a company’s lobby is essential because of, of course, the first impression. It’s the first thing a customer sees, more often than not, and it can mean the difference between positive word-of-mouth and a disinterested visitor. A Unilever study released back in 2017 found over 30% of consumers, or roughly one out of three, much prefer to choose brands that are eco-friendly. Natural stone slabs can be used for walkways, lobby designs or bathroom renovations, able to last for a long time and create a look that’s just as classy as it is entirely natural.

Architectural stone and natural stone slabs for sale are seeing a rise in purchases as a result. In fact, it may be one of the best investments you’ve ever made for your business. The same 2017 Unilever study found there is a $1 trillion market opportunity for brands that do a better job for communicating their product’s or their company’s sustainability benefits, which can range from the type of shipping you use to the design you choose for your main lobby. When you invest in engineered stone, it will in turn invest in you.

Architectural stone is an environmentally sustainable way of designing your business to be both communicative and beautiful. According to studies provided by the National Association Of Home Builders, marble flooring can last up to 100 years with proper maintenance. Marble countertops and surfaces, on the other hand, can last even longer due to no foot traffic. Not only will you be saving money by spending less on your exterior and interior design, you will attract more customers to your front doors by showing them just how much the environment means to you.

First impressions are everything. What is your business doing to make sure it’s always setting the right one?

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