Stop Identity Theft Before It Happens

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Identity theft is an underhanded crime, one that can be difficult to catch unless both you and your bank remain vigilant. If you’re lucky, the perpetrator may have just stolen your credit card information, and all you need to do is check the charges with your bank and cancel the card. In an alarming number of cases, however, the victim is stuck battling with various businesses, trying to sort out fact from fiction and prove that they’re actually who they say they are.

Statistics show that roughly one in 10 people fall victim to identity theft, with benefits fraud making up 34% of reported cases in 2013. Accounts in the government, educational, and banking sectors account for a large part of identity fraud incidents, coming in at 10.2%, 9%, and 3.7% respectively.

There are steps you can take to protect yourself from having your identity stolen. Check in with your bank immediately if your wallet is stolen, and keep a close eye on your accounts online. If you see any suspicious charges, let your bank know right away. Cut up any expired IDs and credit cards before throwing them out, and shred any documents that have your personal information on them.

Why should I shred my papers?

Most people just think about recycling vs throwing away when dealing with documents, but paper shredding is actually just as important, especially when personal information is involved. Studies have found that nearly half of security breaches were caused by physical means such as digging through the recycling bins or dumpster diving.

Shredding makes it much more difficult for someone to pull information from a document. It’s always a good idea to recycle waste paper, but it’s much safer to shred it before tossing it into the bin, as extra insurance against identity theft.

I have too many documents to shred. I don’t have the time to sit by the shredder, feeding paper in one at a time.

Your time is valuable, and you definitely shouldn’t waste it waiting for your documents to shred. Fortunately, you can easily find a paper shredding company that can take care of the work for you. There are plenty of businesses around these days that offer secure document destruction services, ensuring that your information is kept away from prying eyes.

If you own a business or simply accrue a lot of paper during your day to day life, you may want to contact a local paper shredding company. They can work with you to find cost effective paper shredding solutions and help you keep your personal information safe.

Who should hire a paper shredding company?

Any individual or business owner who deals with personal information should consider professional document shredding services. The healthcare industry is especially vulnerable to security breaches, but anyone who writes down client or customer information on paper should work with a shredding company to make sure that the documents are properly disposed of.

Tax documents are another potential source for identity theft. Generally, the statute of limitation for taxes is three years. It’s a good idea to shred those documents after that time, as well as any pay stubs or other tax-related forms. These papers include a wealth of personal information, and if they fall into the wrong hands, you may find yourself the victim of identity fraud.

Identity theft can be a headache to deal with, and it’s far better to take steps now to avoid it altogether instead of having to face the aftermath. Shred your personal documents, and keep your information safe. If you have too many papers to handle yourself, get in touch with a paper shredding company near you, and find out how they can help.

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