Steel Melting Information You Should Know For Your Casting Company Or Various Industries

In Canada, there are many important occupations its citizens obtain. These occupations assist in creating a country that has structure and balance in which individuals can live successful lives. Many believe that occupations such as medical professionals, educators, and lawyers, are the most important. However, each occupation contributes to Canadian society in some way. One of these occupations is those who work for casting companies or various industries. In these companies, individuals work tirelessly with steel melting, and other services and parts. This is important because Canada imports their steel to other locations, such as the United States. In fact, in years prior, 88% of Canada’s exports of steel went to the United States alone.

If you work for a casting company or in various industries that work with steel and services and parts, here is some information you should know.

Services And Parts

Induction Furnace: Although there are various forms of services and parts in these Canadian industries, there are a few that are worth an in depth discussion. The first form is induction melting. By definition, induction melting is a process in which materials are heated up and melted. This process consists of the transference of heat energy. Induction melting is commonly performed in what is known as an induction furnace, or a holding furnace. Essentially, what occurs is, coils within the furnace give off electrical energy to opposing coils. This heats up the metals within the furnace. This process is ideal for a multitude of metals.

It is important to note that there are different forms of induction melting, and induction furnaces. What makes them differ is the type of coils used, or the way in which the coils are structured. For some, the coils reside in what is commonly known as the core of the furnace. These coils are wrapped around the core in a circle, or better described as a ring. This is different than the coils transferring energy from one opposing coil to the other. However, both methods do melt the metals and the alloys that need to be melted down.

The induction heating and induction furnace with the core center, is ideal for metals that do not have a high melting point. For metals that have a high melting point, you should consider utilizing the traditional form of induction heating and induction furnace. This is known as core less induction.

Regardless, if your occupation consists of melting down metals and you want to do it in the proper, most efficient way, these are two methods you should consider.

Heat Treatment: Another form of services and parts, lies in heat treatment. This heat treatment includes, but is not limited to, induction hardening, tempering, annealing, and case hardening- to name a few. Heat treatment of metals is important because it increases the benefits of the metals, especially steel. For example, if your company works with steel and wants to, or is required to, increase the hardness of steel- heat treatment helps with this. In addition, heat treatments on metals such as steel will likewise increase the durability of the steel, making it stronger than before. Lastly, heat treatment on steel will assist it in being able to resist all varying temperatures as well as different elements it may come into contact with.

If you’re transporting the steel or selling the steel, you’ll want to perform a heat treatment on it first. This is because it will acquire all the benefits it needs for its purpose. Therefore, this is certainly a necessary form of services and parts.

Refurbished Equipment: Another form of services and parts you should know about is refurbished equipment. Some companies utilize a various amount of expensive equipment in order to melt the metals they work with. However, you do not need to use expensive equipment in order to successfully melt metals and alloys. There is refurbished equipment that works just as well! If your company is on a budget, you can find plenty of companies that sell refurbished equipment needed to heat and melt metals. Most importantly, this refurbished equipment can get the job done!

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