Recent Updates on Medical Marijuana Use

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If you’re interested in how to start a medical marijuana business, are offering medical marijuana consulting services, or are seeking ways to invest in the cannabis industry, you will want to know about some recent findings.

Were you aware that in the United States, medical marijuana use is approved by 76% of its doctors? This figure is supported by a recent clinician poll published in the New England Journal of Medicine .

This level of support is also evidenced by a study published in theJournal of Cannabis Therapeutics. According to this study, approximately 30,000 patients from California and 5,000 patients from eight additional states received physicians’ recommendations for medical marijuana. These are significant figures.

States Where Medical Marijuana Use Has Been Approved

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, there are 23 states, including the District of Columbia, that have legalized medical marijuana use as of 2015. It is not yet known when–or if–the remaining states will legalize cannabis for medical use.

The Efficacy of Medical Marijuana Use

When patients have been queried about the efficacy of medical marijuana use, 92% have claimed that it has been beneficial and addressed their needs. In California, for example, 5% have claimed that the types of serious conditions for which medical marijuana use has been prescribed include arthritis, cancer, and chronic pain.

Another diagnosis for which medical marijuana has been prescribed is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). According to research findings from several non-governmental studies, it has been suggested that one-in-every-five military personnel that has returned home from Iraq and Afghanistan may suffer from PTSD.

In New Mexico, for example, the number-one reason for being able to obtain a medical marijuana license is to address the needs of individuals suffering from PTSD. Furthermore, PTSD is also a qualifying diagnosis for insurance coverage.

Is There a Need for Further Research?

In 2010, 17% of the United States supported marijuana legislation. More recently, it was found that 58% are now supporting legislation. Despite approval ratings and the increase in public awareness as to the benefits of medical marijuana use, more studies could be conducted.

As recently as 2012, the FDA was conducting medical-use studies on over 20 cannabinoids. Current reports, however, indicate that only 6% of these studies have actually focused on cannabis’ medicinal properties.

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