Medium Voltage Switchgear Keeps Distribution Substations Efficient

Siemens bus plug

Do you manage an energy distribution substation, electrical switchboards, or other primary distributor? Having medium voltage can tax your electrical systems, especially if your site is older. To manage such voltage, you would need medium voltage switchgear.

What is medium voltage switchgear? Medium voltage switchgear is a type of switchgear that isolates electrical systems to allow free flow of energy to one particular system. Medium voltage switchgear can be used to deenergize equipment, allowing you to fix faults downstream. Most switchgear is in the high voltage and low voltage varieties, as those are the most common needs at a distributor. Medium voltage switchgear is much more specialized, and yet is likely to be used at some point in the life of a substation or distribution facility. Used in conjunction with a bus duct, such as a non segregated phase bus or Siemens bus plug, medium voltage switchgear can distribute power to multiple points of the distribution system.

Medium voltage switchgear is important for any power distributor. By allowing the isolation of medium voltage power, medium voltage switchgear can transfer power from primary distributors to load centers more effectively. This means that the electricity supply chain stays efficient, and delivers a constant stream to customers everywhere.

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