Making The Hiring Process Easier What Temp Agencies Can Do For Your Business

Of all the things to worry about, hiring the right candidate for your company is a top priority. Staffing your business with people you are able to trust and depend on can take a lot of the joy out of running your business. Often it can take weeks, months even before you find the right person. Temporary agencies are a great way to sift through the slush pile. Here are some benefits of working with a temp agency and why Burnett’s Staffing

Let’s Look At The Stats

On average, 22% of newly hired employees leave their position within the first 45 days. The hiring process, as stated earlier, can be lengthy. In many cases, business owners, the good ones at least, are dealing with a litany of various tasks and project while working with clients and current staff. When a new hire finds a better opportunity or concludes they are not a good fit for the company; the company loses in the end. About $11 billion is lost every year due to high employee turnover.

Most of that money is lost to marketing. It is natural for a company to aspire to become one of the elites; a Fortune 500 behemoth. Realistically speaking many of which are nowhere close, but you need people to facilitate that goal. Using a staffing company to find those people help save money and time is one of the major benefits of working with a temp agency.

How Burnett’s Can Help You

Burnett’s Staffing provides temp services in Dallas and has done so since 1966. With over 50 years of success, Burnett’s prides itself in providing the best candidate for your business. The experts work hard to set and exceed industry standards. One of the most important benefits of working with a temp agency is having someone else do a pre-screen and a background check on potential candidates. Checking someone’s digital footprint is a great way to separate the stronger applicants.

Often during prescreening temp services will hold mock interviews on your behalf. While a resume can tell a lot about a person, a brief phone interview can tell you a lot more. The notes provided will help you better gauge the strengths of the candidate. Potentially this could help you land a permanent staffer. On average, about 91% of the temps found suggested by Burnett’s are hired full time. Of course, no system is perfect, by any standard, but working with a temp agency gives you a solid foundation. If the previous candidate suggested by the agency worked for you; you can find more new hires as your business grows.

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