Importance of Retail Display Design

It has been argued that one of the success factors in retail is the impact of the display design to customers. The situation has been made even more complex after the introduction of online shopping platforms and social media marketing. With the introduction of digital marketing, traditional display marketing strategies have to be enhanced to increase their appeal to customer. There is a variety of creative retail display ideas that sellers can adopt to increase sales. Unfortunately, some of these ideas are still heavily underutilized. Although your brand and products is what ultimately influences purchase by the customer, the way the products are presented is what shapes the customer experiences and will most likely enhance your retail shop’s appeal compared to the competitors. Below are some of the factors that you should consider when trying to shape the customer experience through display design.

Tell a Story
The concept of telling a story through visual display should not be taken in face value. This is probably one of the best creative retail display ideas. A visual display on your retail window can make the difference between a customer walking into the customer or just passing by. You can have clear window decals so that the customer can actually see the items on display inside the store. Another idea to consider is by using signs for windows that communicate your brand as well as a brief caption that can influence purchasing decisions. Remember, the time spent by customer to make a decision between sticking to a brand or trying out the competitor is between 3 to 7 seconds. If your retail shop does not stand out, you will easily loose the sales battle to your competitors. You can use a window sign holder for your display such that the message is clear. A common mistake by most retailers is lack of imagination. There are many creative retail display ideas that can drive sales but there is an equal number of strategies that could work counter-productively.

Introduce an Element of Surprise
In retail business, there is nothing that works more perfectly than doing things out of the ordinary. When it comes to creative retail display ideas, work with ideas that people are not used to. Avoid being predictable and make your display unique and memorable. For example, you can use contemporary glass signs and signage in the event that you have not been using such before. You can also use custom glass door signage that is quite unique and communicates your brand effectively. When customers are used to the same signage, they can easily pass by your retail shop since there is nothing unique about it. PVC banners are a good idea and so are vinyl display stands. The moment you have something that attracts people outside, they will be inclined to know what is inside. This should be your selling point over your competitors especially if you operating in an area with competing products.

Maintain the Retail Shop’s Purpose
Assuming that you are searching for creative retail display ideas, always make sure that the display idea is in line with the shop’s purpose. The display unit should communicate the exact product you are selling or your brand. Despite the competition, what you are selling should be the most vital aspect of your display unit. It makes no sense using deli meat signs in front of a clothing store. You are simply misleading people and in the end, there is nothing that sets you apart. A common mistake that retailers make is that they concentrate so much on the visual graphics of their display banners that they forget to highlight what they are selling. Of course visual graphics are an amazing way to add to the appeal but that does not automatically translate to sales.

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