How to Choose the Right Janitorial Services for Your Business

Office cleaning service minneapolisIf you own an office building, you’ll need to hire quality janitorial services to keep it clean. Janitors and building cleaners are often thought of as unskilled labor, but that isn’t true. They need to know how to clean all different types of equipment while working with potentially dangerous chemicals. They also need to be familiar with sanitary practices that can vary between different types of buildings. If you are looking to hire janitors, consider putting up an ad for office building cleaning jobs. If you pay a decent wage, you’ll likely get many good candidates to choose from. Local janitorial jobs often have high turnover, so you could get a lot of applicants.

When hiring your staff, it is important to know other names for janitorial services. That way you can identify what kinds of experience candidates have. If they say they were a custodian or provide any other type of job title, look into it. Most likely it is a different name for the same job that you are trying to hire someone to do.

It’s no question that a clean office is a happy office. In fact, clean offices have even been proven to create a more productive work environment for employees. However, it’s important to choose the right janitorial services for your office.
Choosing a cleaning company might seem like a challenging task, but once you figure out the right questions to ask and things to look for, the process becomes simpler. Here are a few of the things you should be looking for when selecting a commercial cleaning service.

Shop Around
Before making any decisions, it’s important to do some shopping around and get a few price quotes from different companies. After all, it’s important to hire a service that offers quality while still being in a price range that you can reasonably afford.
Proof of Insurance
Perhaps one of the most important aspects of choosing janitorial services, insurance will guarantee that you and your business are not liable for any worker injured while cleaning. In addition, insurance is a necessary component that any reputable company should have.
Read the Contract
This can’t be stressed enough. Before signing anything, you should make absolutely sure to read the contract. Even before making a decision, ask to see a standard contract and read it over before discussing any further collaboration. It’s important to know exactly what services you’ll be getting, as well as how much you’ll be paying for them.

Consider Experience
As with many other professions, the more experience a cleaning company has, the better. If you hire a relatively new company, odds are you may not receive the quality of service that you need to keep your building clean.
Get References
Any cleaning company should be able to provide you with a few references from businesses they have worked with in the past. If, after speaking to a few of their references, you feel confident that they could do the job, then it’s probably a safe bet to consider working with them.
Janitorial services are incredibly important to businesses. Not only do they increase employee morale, but they provide a professional appearance you can be proud of.

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