How Modular Construction Can Grow your School

The need for commercial real estate space in Florida is always expanding. When considering the cost of building for your space needs, you need to examine the value and efficiency of modular buildings. Many Schools have found portable buildings a fast, inexpensive and logical answer to their need for additional instructional space for their students. The use of modular school buildings is not a new phenomenon. While almost all schools have traditional permanent construction, close to a third also use portable construction as well. What are some of the reasons given by those who have used modular building for their educational space?

Those Who Have Used Modular Building for Their Schools Have Saved Money

When purchasing a portable classroom, you can expect savings between 37 and 77% over the traditional site construction of adding on to existing school improvements. This means you may be paying 4 times as much of the cost of portable classrooms with brick and mortar work. How many schools have that much extra money to throw away? Construction will always be a major part of school budgeting, these types of savings allow a school to allocate money for other needed resources such as supplies and teachers.

Those Who Have Used Modular Building for Their Schools Have Saved Time.

When surveyed, the number one reason that educational institutions used modular school building was saving time over traditional construction. While construction times and processes are not uniform or exact, a modular building for a school can be completed and delivered, start to finish, in as little as three weeks. Because modular construction takes place in a factory controlled environment, it means there are less weather-related days to interfere with completed your project. When the components for assembly arrive at the site between 60 to 90% of all the construction has already taken place in a controlled manufacturing facility,

Those Who Have Used Modular Building for Their Have More Options at their Disposal

Shifting school enrollments are difficult to contend with. Because of demographic shifts, economic and other reasons, school populations can be subject to significant variations over time and even year to year. Portable building prices can relieve some of that problem with structures that are cost-efficient and easier to set up and take down the traditional construction. The time normally allotted for design and construction issues is cut in half simply by using the method of modular construction. This means fewer change orders and the possibility of better cash flow for schools who have used modular building in their construction plans.
Those Who Have used Modular Building Now are Seeing an Ever-Increasing Quality and Efficiency in These Portable Structures

The change in building codes and the improved materials have meant that the construction process used for modular building has given schools a far better classroom to heat and cool. The Northwest School Project’s research demonstrated an increase in energy savings of over 20% from 1993 to the year 2000 standards for portable classrooms.

It never hurts to get a college degree, but you don’t need to get one to see the savings in time, efficiency and money for a school when they have used modular building for dealing with their need for classroom space.

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